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Some proposed constitutional amendments that I would put before the board if elected.


Amendment 1

I'm proposing this as I feel some current Policies, whilst good policies are technically unconstitutional.

The amendment reads as follows:
s2(1)remove the second 'and' and replace with a comma; insert the phrase "and freedom of expression" after the word privacy.

Amendment 2

An amendment to clarify our relationship with Pirate Parties world wide & PPI

The amendment reads as follows:
s2(2) Insert the following text:
2. The Pirate Party of the United Kingdom, whilst seeking good relations with other political parties and organisations worldwide will remain politically independent and retain full control over it's own policy.

Amendment 3

I think that the current party structure needs clarifying and endorse most of Andrew Tindall's Ammendment of this nature. However, as an internet & entirely volunteer based party, I think that responsibility for the Web team, press office and other parts of our Organisation Chart also need to be made clear, and would hope to work with him and the other governors on inserting that into his amendment. As yet I have no exact wording, but in principle wish to have as little formal regulation over these bodies as possible, just a recognition that we (the party, not the board) maintain responsibility for them.

Amendment 4

As a small party Section 7 of our Constitution makes me uneasy as it means that a reasonably small number of disgruntled people could dissolve the party; I'm also uneasy about the second part should we ever gain significant assets. as such I propose the following:

The amendment reads as follows:
s7(1) Replace "simple majority" with the text "super majority of sixty six percent"
Remove the words "of the NEC’s choosing". Replace with the text "to be decided following a ballot of the party no more than every five years"

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