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Contact Information

Name: Andy Halsall
Position: Campaigns Officer
PPUK IRC: ajehals
Region: Yorkshire and Humberside
Area: Sheffield
Email: a.halsall@pirateparty.org.uk
Website: www.politico.org.uk
Phone: 07505111705
SIP: sip:1175165@sipgate.co.uk
Skype: ajehals
Twitter: @ajehals
Identi.ca: ajehals
Reddit: ajehals
Slashdot: ajehals


I am the Pirate Party UK's campaigns officer (as from the 5th of June 2011), if you need anything or want to know anything about our campaigning efforts please get in touch using your preferred method!

A Background

I have spent most of the last 20 odd years enthusing about technology and wondering at both the pace of change and the possibilities that have arisen from it. At the same time I have become more and more aware that in terms of legislative effort and even understanding, the various governments we have seen since the dawn of the 'information age' have been somewhat lacking. That needs to change, largely because technology is a major element of everyone's life, whether directly and indirectly and because our future economy will depend on it.

As a result I see the Pirate Party as an ideal vehicle for positive change in those areas where others have failed and where even now there is too little emphasis. This includes other political parties and indeed some of the more technical movements. I feel that in areas such as patents and copyright law urgent change is needed, in areas such as net-neutrality there are serious risks to the freedoms we currently enjoy and have made such good use of, but I also think the Pirate Party can be a positive force in many areas of public life, we deserve change for the better.

I've worked with the party on a number of elections now, seeing improvements at each turn, both in results and in the way we have approached them. I drove the policy process in 2012, which led to the party broadening its political aims and hopefully helping to shape the principles that will allow us to be a credible force in British politics.

As to my background, I am a former soldier and now father of 4 and have always had an interest in politics, usually on what most would see as left of centre terms. I also grew up largely outside of the UK (Germany and Hong Kong mainly) and am probably somewhat odd in that I didn't go to university (largely because I didn't think I could afford it...), again something that I find probably shapes my world view.

PGP Public Key


Version: GnuPG v1.4.10 (GNU/Linux)

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