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Pirate Party UK Candidate
Shaun Dyer
Age 26
Constituency Leicester West
Region East of England
Occupation IT Auditor

Twitter @ShaunPPUK
E-Mail s.dyer@pirateparty.org.uk

I’m 26 years old, and originally from Burnley in Lancashire (up the Clarets) but I moved down to Leicester in 2001 to study Business at De Montfort University. I live in the west end of Leicester and have done for pretty much the last eight years. I work full time as an IT Auditor but I’m also studying for my masters in Computers Security. In my spare time I manage Leicester’s most popular 5-a-side team (The Beardfaces) and also warm the bench for local Sunday League side CSKA Carnabys.

I have always had an interest in politics and have spent many a long Sunday in the local putting the world to rights. I have been increasingly frustrated as the main political parties sell our rights to the lobby group with the most cash. The main parties it seems have forgotten who they represent, the people of this country not big business.

When I heard about the Pirate Party UK I signed up straight away. When the opportunity came to represent the party as a candidate at the general election I jumped at the chance to help promote the party and the issues.

I think the Pirate Party have a good chance for a successful campaign. More people are disillusioned with the big three parties than at any other time in my experience. The Pirate Party, as a party with a small number of core policies have an opportunity to represent the local people without the restrictions of national policies on many of the issues.

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