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SE England minutes - Winchester 2010-02-20

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The South East England region held a meeting at The Old Gaolhouse in Winchester on the 20th February 2010 from 15:00 to 17:30.



Total: 7


The focus of the meeting was on ways to widen interest in PPUK and to convert "people who know about us" to "people who support us". The meeting wandered about a bit, so these minutes are organised by topic rather than in chronological order.


  • Agreed that Tom should get on and do stuff rather than seeking approval -- he's the leader of the web team! Congratulated him on excellent work he's done so far.
  • Suggested looking at Google Analytics to see where users go on the site and what they look at
  • Suggested reducing clutter/amount of content on front page to make it more welcoming. Tom mentioned current lack of a good web designer -- we should attempt to recruit someone new. Action: Tom Lilley
  • Agreed to contact PPUK wiki admin to suggest re-organising/improving promotional materials section and possibly moving content of "Material" section of main site to the wiki. Action: Peter Brett, Tom Lilley
  • Discussed adding a calendar to main site showing upcoming events (like this meeting). It was pointed out that most if not all events are on Facebook. However, it was noted that events are usually only on regional Facebook groups and it would be good for people to be able to see at a glance what's happening elsewhere. Additional advantage: evidence for site visitors that stuff is actually going on (and hopefully in their region). Web team to investigate options. Action: Tom Lilley
  • Apparently the organisation chart needs an update (something to do with Eric Priezkalns' current responsibilities, not clear from notes)

South East vs. London

  • Agreed that London is convenient for many SE constituents, but not all. Decided that although SE members should be encouraged to attend London events (and vice versa) it would still be necessary to hold separate SE meetings further from London.
  • Clarification on Facebook: Chris (borgs8472) is keen to take over Facebook groups, but mostly where existing admins are inactive. Intention was stated as being to return them to regional control once new, active admins had been found. General agreement that the current SE Facebook admins are doing a good job!
  • John Barron mentioned SE pirates from Canterbury area, agreed that it will be hard for them to get to any SE region meetings. Peter Brett to contact them and suggest they start some independent things going in that area, and also attend London meetings. Action: Peter Brett

Publicity Materials

  • Agreed that Project Postcard (Peter Brett) has been a general success. Aspects that worked well: creating a buzz and creating interest; someone willing to take responsibility for pushing project forward. Still 7000 to go!
  • Suggested that flyers would be suitable to back up targetted conversations. Possible to "accidentally" leave them on trains/buses to attract attention.
  • John Barron commented that he finds wearing "piratical" clothing works well as a way of getting others to initiate conversations.
  • May consider looking for a new design once the current batch has all been distributed.
  • Most people upset about lack of progress on producing PPUK-branded clothing. Decided that Something Must Be Done, and ASAP. John Barron to discuss at NEC meeting on 21st Feb. Peter Brett to help push things forward where necessary. Action: John Barron, Peter Brett
  • Other ideas for publicity materials: presentation template (Powerpoint/ODF/Beamer), badges/lapel pins, stickers esp. car stickers, mugs, mousemats.
  • Imprint may be needed on some of these items: Peter Brett commented on being slightly uncomfortable with putting personal address on 15k flyers! John pointed out that this maybe was good in giving people pause before putting out dodgy stuff on flyers. "Am I comfortable putting my name on this?" check.
  • Need to improve publicity style guide. Andrew Tindall agreed to add SVGs of PPUK logo and logotype (converted to paths so font not necessary). Action: Andrew Tindall

E-mail newsletter

  • John Imrie pointed out that we need an unsubscribe e-mail address/web link on all e-mail newsletters.
  • Tom Lilley commented that we do this already. Explained that we already have an e-mail mailing list already set up.
  • Existing person in charge of e-mail newsletters: Tom to provide contact details to John, John to get in touch and coordinate. Action: John Imrie, Tom Lilley
  • John Imrie to talk to colleagues about e-mail design. Action: John Imrie
  • Brief discussion about types of content for newsletter (e.g. PPUK in the news, upcoming events)
  • Agreed that all e-mail newsletters sent out should be archived. Blog probably not the right place for this.

Upcoming meetings/events

  • John Imrie, Finlan Hazlitt and Tom Lilley (?) to flyer in Oxford on 27th February or 6th March (TBC). John Imrie to order batch of flyers for the purpose. Action: John Imrie
  • Next London meeting: 13th March. Apologies from Peter Brett.
  • Next SE meeting: 20th or 27th March, in northern part of region, probably Oxford. Need to organise further in advance next time. Send out reminders on Facebook event; also use regional mailing list to publicise. Action: Peter Brett


  • Peter Brett mentioned prospective candidate in Epsom & Ewell constituency. Still need to meet/talk to and see how to move forward.
  • John Barron talked briefly about candidate selection process -- for this election, ratification by nationwide member vote. Probably not for future elections.

Other stuff

  • John Barron reported on Cambridge Union debate on Thursday 18th -- strong showing from both sides, lots of potential in Cambridge for recruiting new members/supporters.
  • Brief chat about Cambridge branch & candidate situation. Peter Brett mentioned possibly being able to attend Cambridge meeting on 6th March.
  • General chat about e-book publishers re pricing/DRM/release date.

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