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SE England minutes - Guildford 2010-04-03

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The South East England region held a meeting at Rodboro Buildings in Guildford on the 3rd April 2010 from 15:00 to 18:00.



Total: 3


Meeting was informal. No set agenda.


  • Main Parties have been campaigning for months now.
    • We're behind, but possible leeway given the fact we're a minor party, and recently formed.
  • £500 deposit doesn't necessarily have to be retained by votes, merely getting 50 new people to join the party would cover it.
    • An achievable goal to strive for, compared to getting over 2000 votes.
  • Discussion of mailshot details, Andrew to check specifics on this.
    • Discussion of what should be on mailshot.
      • Something about the candidate and his views, as well as general party info.
  • Not done any local press yet. Need to get going.
    • Need to get more press details: Checked WH Smiths for local papers after meeting, Andrew to get contact details.

Luke's non-pirate policies

  • UK Sovereignty.
    • Concerned over amount of law coming from EU, but agrees with free trade agreement, etc.
  • Wants more accountability in software development, similar to Engineering.
    • NHS IT System affair wouldn't happen if there was legal accountability.
    • Wants a British Royal Society of Software Engineers.
  • Concerned over pointless and ineffectual laws.
    • The ban on protesting outside of parliament, that doesn't stop the guy who caused the ban.
    • Some apparent law about ban on selling squirrels door to door.
  • Critical of UK-US Extradition Treaty. Very one-sided.

Pirate Policy Clarification

  • The policy on databases/ID Cards/the National Identity Register were unclear and need to be clarified.
    • Databases are good - wouldn't want to be excluded from NHS database, for example.
    • However, one overall database for everything, requiring biometric ID cards, etc. not good.

Conflict of Policy with other Pirate Parties

  • Question of how differing copyright terms, etc. between the Pirate Parties might undermine reforms at a European level.
    • If multiple parties achieved seats in 2014 EUs, would different parties voting for different copyright terms cause reform to fail?
    • Should discuss with Duke at some point, due to his involvement with PPI.


  • Cost of 2014, with EU election, likely General Election, and locals that year and the previous.
    • Maintaining funding up to this point.
      • Would be nice to have some large-scale investment, but will probably have to rely on small donations.
      • How to keep people involved and donating, with seemingly little happening between now and 2014.
        • Is it worth running in Regional Assembly Elections?

Next Meeting

  • Rather than specify a time/place, find out what works for members, organise around that.
  • Should be monthly, and preferably not on same day as London meets.
  • South-East region sucks, geographically.


After finishing the meeting, we walked into the city centre to check WH Smiths to find out what the local papers were. Also did a circuit of the area, with Luke handing out project postcard leaflets, talking to Surrey residents.

  • Given it was a Saturday (and apparently a market day), quite high chance that some may have been South-West Surrey constituents.

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