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NEC responsibilities

Currently carried out

Direct responsibilities

Delegated responsibilities

Intended to be carried out

Direct responsibilities

Delegated responsibilities

From initial current NEC meeting

What is the role of the NEC at the moment?

  • Treasurer:
    • Managing accounts
    • Changing party details
    • Process new members
    • EC returns
    • HMRC returns
    • Changing party details
  • Nominating Officer
    • Ensure nomination forms for returning officers are correctly filled

in for candidates

    • Changing party details
    • Organising internal elections
  • Campaigns Manager
    • Run / assist with campaigns for candidates
    • Make sure any necessary information gets back to treasurer / EC
    • Running / advising on ongoing campaigns
  • Leader
    • Lead candidate
    • Outward farce of party to public at large
    • Leads formulation of policy
  • Data Controller
    • ICO / DPA responsibilities
    • "General dogsbody"

Some things don't have an NEC member responsible for them?!

  • Press
    • Developing media relationships
    • Media training
  • Web team
  • Media production
    • member-produced stuff - templates and guidance
    • campaign-related (naturally falls within CO remit?)
  • Fundraising / donations
  • Specific membership retention activities (CO / Treasurer?)
  • Candidate development / campaign development
  • Candidate attraction / recruitment
  • Organising volunteers (not members)
  • Relationships with external organisations (political, e.g. ORG)
  • Supplier relationships
  • Training (media / candidate / other)

Outbound communications a priority area

  • Must be coherent
  • Must have synergy between different routes of communication
  • We pick stuff up and run with it (okay), and then drop it (bad).

Future of DCO?

  • PB: Some roles go well together (training / volunteers / retention)
  • JB: Dogsbody role is useful!
    • Internal communication
    • Keeping track of what's going on inside the party
  • Change to "Party secretary" role -- amendment to board (ACTION: AH)
    • PB: "Responsible for party infrastructure"?
  • Miah wants to step down -- election 8th July


  • Give to Party Leader (outward facing, practicality)

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