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Party Secretary Role and Responsibilities

Party Secretary as Data Controller

  • As the Party Secretary has inherited the role of Data Controller for the Pirate Party UK, the Party Secretary has all responsibilities of the Data Controller as follows.
  • The Data Controller should ensure that the Party only takes personal data it actually needs to perform its functions
  • The Data Controller should ensure that this data, when acquired, is stored with adequate safeguards
  • The Data Controller should ensure that members and anyone else making use of PPUK facilities are aware of the data being captured and stored (via an updated privacy policy primarily)
  • The Data Controller should limit access to personal data to those that need access to that data.
  • The Data Controller should approve any transfer of personal data to external parties (meaning anyone who does not work directly for the Pirate Party UK).

Party Secretary as Party Secretary

  • The Party Secretary is responsible for, alongside the Party Leader, handling party administration that does not fit within the remit of other officers.
  • The Party Secretary has responsibility for answering to the Pirate Party’s member base, although some of that role in a public capacity will be shared with the Party Leader.
  • The Party Secretary has responsibility for ensuring membership retention and monitoring and initiating, with the assistance of the Treasurer and other, schemes to aid membership retention (such as membership discounts or membership perks, etc.)
  • The Party Secretary sits on the PPUK NEC, and can chair meetings in the absence of the Party Leader.
  • The Party Secretary helps liaise with the IT team on tasks that are not team specific, and can be asked to help prioritise IT tasks when workload becomes an issue (NB: I know this suggestion wasn’t wildly popular the first time round, but I’ve slightly modified it, and left it in as a potential talking point.)

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