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NEC/Minutes/27th July 2010

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NEC meeting minutes 27th July 2010


Andrew Tindall, Andrew Robinson, Peter Brett, Miah Gregory


Peter Liddell


Start of NEC meeting

Minutes of last meeting approved.

Merchandising. No volunteers to take over this, so Peter Brett is going to take this on.

Andrew Paliwoda hasn’t gotten back to Peter Brett regarding the meeting with the Green party yet, so Peter Brett is going to chase this.

Devolved elections.

ICO renewal. Waiting on Peter Liddell moving house.

An announcement about first anniversary of party formation is due now that we’ve been a registered party for almost a year. Action: Andrew Robinson will organise this.

Vote on “Should the Party campaign in favour of the Alternative Vote”. NEC agreed this should be put to a membership vote, at such time as the bill passes through parliament.

Fresher’s campaign - advert in the Student Guide (350,000 circulation student magazine). Advert will be on the same page as some relevant editorial content, about films or music.

Fresher’s campaign - student landing page. This will be linked to from the advert and from the student packs, and should be high impact. This needs to be in place by the 1st August. Action: Peter Brett will contact Tom Lilley regarding this.

Fresher’s campaign - student packs.

Open Rights Group conference went well. T-shirts were commented on. Only negative criticism Peter Brett heard was regarding the name. Hundreds of flyers were handed out, so hopefully some new members will result.

Membership packs. Peter Brett is looking in to what should be put into the packs. http://www.pirateparty.org.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=2390 Andrew Tindall suggested going with a couple of stickers and a pen. Consensus on stickers is that vinyl would be nice if we can afford it, but otherwise paper. Peter Brett is thinking about a “Copyright is killing music” sticker and a pirate party logo sticker. http://www.pirateparty.org.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=2390

Progress on providing data for RAOs. Miah is putting together the document for folks to sign. Some admin interface changes are needed. NEC agrees this should be done after the student landing page is in place.

TED conference in London coming up in around a years time - blue sky talks about the future of technology. Party leader should attend this and give a talk.

Digital freedom debate in Dundee in October. They will want the party leader to attend.

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