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NEC/Minutes/18th September 2011

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JA (Jack Allnutt)

PC (Phil Cooke)

AH (Andy Halsall)

LK (Loz Kaye)

GM (Gavin Meredith)


EG (Ed Geraghty)


Minutes of the last meeting (11th Sept 2011) were approved


AH to upload minutes for 28/08/2011 meeting.

AH to speak to EG and send info for volunteers page to NEC.

GM to send list of Email Addresses for deletion/suspension to EG for action.

AH to send conference dates & info to PC.

PC to contact SO to discuss conference website.

AH to make paper application forms available for next NEC meeting.

AH to contact EG and arrange for changes to membership system online.

GM to email NEC about possible meeting time/date change

Matters Arising

28th August minutes still outstanding - AH to action

Volunteers page - AH to contact EG

Payment info for Membership - AH to send to GM

Email Addresses - Addresses in Red to be removed after backup. Addresses in Yellow to be suspended for deletion in due course. GM will send to EG for action.

EG to have policy platform live for 13th - AH is currently testing

EG to contact conference team about site - no update


Conference team were meant to meet today (18th), due to scheduling conflicts this is now next Sunday (25th). conference.pirateparty.org.uk needs to be updated and made public - PC to contact SO AH to send agreed dates for conference to PC along with other info. LK mentioned that we need to start pushing this as we are in mainstream parties conference season.

Data Controller

NEC noted that we now have 2 candidates. Nominations close on Tuesday. PC mentioned that he intends to open a 2 week campaign period after nominations close. LK asked if this meant that all future elections would mean a 6 week minimum election cycle. PC confirmed this to be the case - 2 weeks nomination, 2 weeks campaign and 2 weeks election. LK suggested longer term that a 1 week campaign period may be preferable.

GM raised query from HF for role description - LK confirmed he had sent this out along with clarification on potential party secretary change.

PC mentioned that the wiki is missing a lot of info on NEC positions and he is looking to develop this over the next couple of months. LK said this needs to be clearer and more transparent.

JA mentioned that the board are looking to get the changes for a party secretary role out for consultation within the next few weeks.


AH met with GM to discuss last week. We are now in a position where we should be able to sign up members on the street using a form. The process for members to join on the website is also being streamlined and just awaits implementation by the Web Team. AH mentioned that a membership push needs to be tied in with the policy review process. He has agreement to do a membership push on various sub-reddits & UK Politics.

LK asked what the final product is for the membership process - AH replied that there is a A4 form with a unique reference number on 2 sections, the top is membership info and the bottom is the Direct Debit form. The reference number ties these together. On the website, the process is going to be reversed so the forum signup is at the end of the process to make it quicker.

EG to sort online changes needed. AH to get paper forms made available for next meeting.

GM mentioned that we had a couple of new members join today, possibly down to PPDE publicity and success.


AH has done a full review of all policies and associated material (such as Leader Speeches) to determine what we as a party had promised so far, and what might be missing. He has drafted a guiding priciple statement and party beliefs document which will be sent to NEC for review and discussion. There are 44 different policy commitments across 3 areas, some of which are contradictory or not proper policies which need to be discussed and sorted. Once this has been untangled by NEC, it will go onto the policy platform for discussion and development. LK mentioned that PPDE have 44 pages of Policy and political ideas.

AH summarised the following policy areas and the state of our policies:

The Party position on copyright reform is solid.

The party position on privacy is incoherent.

The party position on civil liberties is badly formed and incoherent (privacy vs public interest...).

The party position on health is non-existant.

The party position on defence is non-existant.

The party position on education is non-existant.

The party position on foreign policy is non-existant.

The party position on economic policy is non-existant.

The party position on welfare is non-existant.

AH is pushing for our positions to be clarified and developed to make a platform that we can stand on in elections. LK mentioned that based on PPDE experience, we must ensure we are open and still able to take in ideas from outside and get people excited about ideas. AH to meet LK this week to discuss process in more detail.

LK said that everyone needs to read Heather Brookes book 'The revolution will be digitised' PC mentioned that the draft statement of intent that was sent out needed to have a privacy section added. AH agreed, but also stated that privacy is very difficult to define which LK & PC agreed with. The amount of grey area between public interest and privacy was discussed and it was agreed that this is an area where the word 'reasonable' would need to be used and debated.

Web blocking

LK is meeting Ed Vaizey on Tuesday 20th regarding web blocking. He is gathering questions and information prior to meeting.

LK wants to know, in light of comments from Jeremy Hunt over the past week (including praising South Korea over their approach to piracy), what the point of the meeting is and if they will get equal consultation in future alongside the content providers. He also wants to get across our point and ensure our views are considered, giving a wider perspective.

AH mentioned that some of the proposals affect knowledge sites which are legal, purely down to market failures on behalf of the copyright holders and this needs to be highlights. He is also concerned that this meeting is to give the impression of consultation after the event.

LK is going to push for this to become an ongoing process, making clear that one meeting isn't adequate for this size of issue. He is also going to raise the issue of people being radicalised by the measures they are looking to implement.

PC raised concerns that meeting with Ed Vaizey alone isn't adequate when other ministers such as Jeremy Hunt are obviously involved - we should push to meet with all the government ministers involved as well as all affected parties.

AH suggested coalition building to push forward on this with as many interested parties as possible.

LK raised the issue of targeting of VPN & Encryption. PC asked about this affecting business and AH mentioned that banks etc won't be affected as they are already covered under other legislation.

Pirate Party Germany

LK reported that it looked like they had 9% of the vote in Berlin, beating the 5% threshold to enter Government. The NEC congratulate them on the result and a excellent campaign. A press release will be sent out once the result is confirmed. LK said we can learn from their experience and we can use this opportunity to develop and push for change.


GM - Mentioned the Wall Street Occupation and that there is very little reporting on this. He raised the fact that the protest was peaceful and this was probably why there wasn't any coverage as it wasn't interesting. LK stated that we will follow developments with interest.

JA - Mentioned that the board are working on the proposed changes for RAO's as well as that for the Party Secretary/Data Controller. He also mentioned that tomorrow is International Talk like a Pirate day!

PC - Will be away next weekend and unable to attend the NEC meeting

AH - Asked if it may be possible to move the time/date of the NEC meeting as it may become a problem for him to attend at the current time in future. GM suggested moving back to Monday and this will be discussed over the next week by the NEC.

LK - None

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