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Pirate Party UK Candidate
Finlay Archibald
Age 19
Constituency Glasgow Central
Region Scotland
Occupation Student

Twitter @Finlay4Glasgow
E-Mail f.archibald@pirateparty.org.uk

As a young child I lived in England & Canada, but have lived in Glasgow for the past 13 years. After finishing school, I worked as a shop assistant in a Glasgow department store for a year, saving money for university and a month long sight-seeing tour of Europe. I currently attend Strathclyde University where I am in the second year of studying for a masters degree in maths. I set up the first pirate student group in the UK, Young Pirates at Strathclyde, of which I am the president. I share a flat with my girlfriend in Glasgow City centre.

I have always had issues with the "Big Brother" state that Britain is gradually becoming, and have always championed civil liberties and individual freedoms. Also, as someone who loves to learn, the ability to freely exchange information is important to me. In recent times we have witnessed politicians erode our fundamental human rights, the rights that ensure the existence of a free society. This must end. If elected, I will tirelessly defend these basic rights and help to restore those we have already lost.

If elected, I will always put my constituents first and not party whips, representing them fairly and with confidence. I will listen to their views on Glaswegian problems, such as school closures, university cuts, housing and public transport. If I was elected as an MP, I would strive to tackle Glasgow Central's shocking statistics on violent crime and ill health.

The first time I heard about the Pirate Party was due to their success European elections. My interest was further sparked by the German election, as I was in Berlin during the German Pirate Party's campaign. On returning from my trip I looked into PPUK and joined the party almost immediately. Since joining I have discovered that it is a great cause, and a brilliantly run organisation. The lack of party whips, the equality of its members and its democratic internal polls are just some of the benefits! I'm running in this election because no other party is willing to stand up for our rights aand defend our freedom.


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