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Pirate Party UK Candidate
David Geraghty
Age 19
Constituency Derby North
Region Derbyshire
Occupation Student
Background David has spent his entire life living in Derby and strongly believes in what the Pirate Party UK stands for.
Twitter @geraghtyPPUK
E-Mail d.geraghty@pirateparty.org.uk

I am a 19 year old student currently doing a National Diploma in Games Design at Burton College. I have been interested in Pirate Politics since I first learned about the Swedish Piratpartiet and the Pirate Party International. Since then I have watched and participated in the birth of the UK's very own Pirate Party. I have a strong belief in what the Pirate Party UK stands for and and want to do anything I can to support it.

I am running as a candidate because I believe that I can invest the time and effort into running for election in order to raise awareness about our issues and also to give the voters within Derby North an option that will actually take the time to find out about local issues and views. I believe that an MP should be someone who listens to the people that voted them in and takes the time to respond to them and to actually take action on issues affecting them.

Outside of Politics I work part-time at a local Co-Operative store and do three days a week at Burton College. My hobbies including walking, paintball, and socializing with friends. I am a huge fan of music in general, I'm rarely found outside without my iPod and have a wide and extensive taste in music.

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