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Pirate Party UK Candidate
Andrew Robinson
Age 41
Constituency Worcester
Region West Midlands
Occupation Graphic Designer

Twitter @AndyPPUK
E-Mail a.robinson@pirateparty.org.uk

Andrew Robinson was elected Party Leader in June 2009, following an online vote. He and the rest of the officers were reelected by party members in January 2010


Andrew Robinson is the Pirate Party leader, and candidate for Worcester.

A 41 year old graphic designer and keen hobby musician, he had no desire to be involved in politics until the recent European Elections, when he was disappointed to find that he could not vote for the Pirate Party, despite their predicted success in Sweden. A desire to make sure he could vote Pirate at the next general election eventually led to his appointment as this country's first Pirate Party leader in 2009.

"I believe the time is right to start a new political movement in this country. The public have lost all respect for traditional politics, It's time for new ideas, and new ways of working. I have worked hard to build a party that is more democratic, more focused, more open and more up to date than any other. I can offer the people of Worcester a party brimming with new ideas, and a candidate who is truly willing to listen to them. Because the party has no whips, and a tightly focused manifesto, I am free to do whatever I think is best for the people of Worcester on important issues like jobs, the economy, education and health, rather than being forced to follow a party line, or a particular ideology."

"I want to listen to you. I can be reached at a.robinson@pirateparty.org.uk"

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