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Pirate Party UK Candidate
Alexander van Terheyden
Age 29
Constituency Bethnal Green and Bow
Region Greater London
Occupation Financial Markets
Website http://vanterheyden.blogspot.com
Twitter @vanterheyden

Born in the UK, I grew up in Cambridge before embarking to live a life in London, where I went to University and have lived and worked for just over ten years. Bethnal Green and Bow (Tower Hamlets) was the first place that I lived in London and I have had a permanent base there ever since. I have been actively involved in local politics for the last ten years in the East of London - focusing on helping the more deprived areas of London as they seem to be forgotten under the Labour Government. I believe in the right to freedom and I will always fight oppression by those who stand to oppress mine and anyone else's freedom. I don't believe in the Big Brother state and believe we need to take a stand against it before we fall in any deeper into George Orwells 1984 - something under Gordon Brown's Government we have rapidly moved towards if not already surpassed. I believe the British public should not be treated as criminals for simply enjoying music - something the Pirate Party takes very seriously. None of the other UK parties stand for freedom in the same way the Pirate Party does. This Government chooses to label you as a criminal for infringing copyright law and I simply won't put up with it. The only way to make a change is to get politically involved. As a Pirate I will fight for the common decent citizens who choose to celebrate life rather than oppress life.

I believe in equality in Bethnal Green - I don't believe politics should be influenced by a religious agenda. I refuse to let corporations, religious organisations and corrupt money influence me into helping out all people of Bethnal Green and Bow. Race, Religion and Class will not define my policies - If the people need help and services than as your MP I will fight for these services no matter your creed - unlike the other candidates in Bethnal Green and Bow who are fighting for your vote.

Let's Address a Few Things

How did you get involved with the Pirate Party UK and why?

I have been very politically active ever since my school and University days, after University I was forced to pay off the debts I had accumulated by joining the City of London working in the Financial Sector. This brought me back into the black but it also allowed me to see the world - to the extent where I took a couple of years off in my late 20's to Volunteer in Central America, the Far East as well as working on the Caribbean Island of Utila (An Original Pirate Colony) whereby I saw life isn't just about Money - its about Freedom, its about standing up aganist those that oppress this world.

And what better policies can there be than:

We want to reform copyright and patent law to make it suitable for the modern age and its original purpose. We want to end the excessive surveillance, profiling, tracking and monitoring of innocent people by Government and large businesses. We want to ensure that everyone has real freedom of speech and real freedom to enjoy and participate in our shared culture

I have moved away from the Conservatives (I represented them as a Candidate previously in Hackney - Hoxton ward) because they don't believe in these freedoms. While they have strong economic policies they simply don't give enough of damn about the common man for me to be able to allign myself with them anymore.

What are the Pirates Key Policies? Which one would you class as most important?

Core Policies - I support all of them.

1 Copyright and Patent Policies 1.1 Copyright to apply to commercial exploitation only. 1.2 We want all copyright durations to be reduced to a fairer length. 1.3 We want a 'government health warning' on products containing DRM technology. 1.4 There should be no additional period of copyright protection for format changes 1.5 We think there should be no blank media taxes. 1.6 Where patents don't promote innovation, or actively prevent it, we'll scrap them 1.7 We feel that everything funded by the taxpayer should be made available to the public under a Creative Commons or similar licence, or public domain 1.8 All the BBC's output will be available online under a Creative Commons or similar licence. 1.9 We feel that large, national events shall continue to be accessible via terrestrial broadcast services. 1.10 We want the Government to switch to open source software where practical. 2 Privacy Policies 2.1 We believe privacy of the individual should be sought at all times 2.2 We feel citizens should have the right to private and confidential communication; 2.3 We strongly oppose compulsory ID cards 2.4 The proposed National Identity Register 2.5 We want stronger data protection laws 2.6 We want a full review of the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 2.7 We want clear laws on acceptable use of CCTV 2.8 We want clearer guidelines and restrictions on the use of DNA records by authorities 2.9 We want increased government transparency and accountability 3 Freedom of Speech Policies 3.1 We believe that the Internet is instrumental to freedom of speech 3.2 We will encourage citizens of all nations to communicate freely, share their culture, and maintain their right to privacy 3.3 Whistleblowers 3.4 Photography in public places 3.5 We will encourage libraries and museums to digitise their content 3.6 We want better computing education in schools 3.7 UK libel law should not be used to smother free speech 3.8 We want to promote the inclusion of accessibility features, subtitles, audio descriptions etc for the disabled

Its hard to pick a favourite out of all those policies but the Photography in public spaces is very close to my heart having been witness to unruly establishment figures trying to stop photographers in central London. I am very much against the ID Cards - having previously been involved in campaigning against them.

I believe in freedom of speech especially on the internet - hence I have been involved in supporting WikiLeaks through its crisis. However 1.1 - is the most important - as prosecuting a family because their son or daughter is downloading a few music tracks for non commercial exploitation is unacceptable. I DJ in Shoreditch from time to time and I know how important it is to have music freely available - however I also know that it is important to support an artist should you use his/her work for commercial reasons - if its for pure enjoyment and pleasure then that copyright should be flexible.

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