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Pirate Party Councillor - Road Safety "A Must"

Cllr David A Elston in The Barry GEM supporting parents and showing discontent at the higher Vale council.

Thursday, 29 September, 2016 - 08:00

A Centralist view of the Left vs Right local debate

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Martyn John Shrewbury, Former Green Party Wales Leader and Benjamin Mackenzie Chief Editor of The Burkean got away from their keyboards and met in person with matching attire to debate if Hitler and his ideals were in fact socialist or not.



A Pirate and Two Police Candidates, Walk into a Church

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Crime is a big area of concern in my St Athan ward of Flemingston and Eglwys Brewis, particually on the East Camp development. However the Pirate Party has elected not to stand candidates in the PCC elections. From both a Pirate perspective it's important we still be involved in the political debate and as a Cllr I must represent the views and concerns of my ward.

To this end I hosted a Police and Crime Commssioner hustings event at The Gathering Place on East Camp. There were questions on hot-topics, questions from the press and questions from the audience.


Invited Candidates were:

Mike Baker; Independent

Judith Woodman; Liberal Democrat

Linet Purcell; Plaid Cymru (Cancelled - Apologised)

Timothy Davies; Conservative (No Reply)

Alun Michael; Labour Incumbent (No Reply)



Improvement Objectives Consultation Response

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I've been speaking with home owners, tenants and visitors to St Athan both in person and online and have written a response to the Vale of Glamorgan's consultation that reflects all the concerns put to me.




St Athan Community Council Co-option

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Hello fellow Pirates

Yesterday I was successful in my co-option on to the St Athan Community Council. It was proposed to the Council in February and I was voted in at the March meeting.

St Athan is a place that matters a great deal to me. My business is there, my partner is in the middle of purchasing her first house there, my grandfather and other family members have lived there and were rather popular in the community.

It is becoming an increasingly sought after place to live and certainly to return to. Many of the residents went to the same schools as I did and consider it a good area. I also find my own tenants are returning to St Athan as their real "home".

I wanted this co-option to be as transparent as possible. I disclosed my party, my union, had a meeting with the other councillors where my skills, knowledge and aims were all brought out into the open.

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