Nominations Period is now open for NEC internal elections!

Friday, 27 October, 2017 - 14:00

Ahoy fellow Pirates!

As of 22:00 today the Nominations period will commence for elections to the Pirate Party UK NEC. Nominations will close 10th November at 22:00, which will also be the start of the Campaign period.

Internal Election: Board of Governor By-Election Results

Friday, 14 July, 2017 - 10:15

Board of Governors 2017 By-Election Summary

Samuel Mills, Noah Stride and Jeb Hedges are declared elected after counting 20 ballots using ERS97 STV. There were 5 candidates for 3 seats (including RON).

Detailed Results:

There were zero spoilt (aka empty) ballots cast and 20 valid ballots cast across the 5 candidates.

The bar charts below show the vote counts for each candidate in each round.

Something on your mind?

Full Board of Governors Election 2015

Trevor grew up in the Midlands and has lived in the South West for the past ten years. He's a full-time employee and a father.

Trevor's probably just about as disappointed as the next (wo)man regarding British politics. His local area (close to Bristol city centre) has arguably fared less disastrously than some geographical areas. However, he observes that life across the country can be inconvenienced by the same imposed constraints on society. Such constraints may include:

New Nominations Officer: A Short Introduction

Attending the Party Conference in October last year was a great experience for me, one of the best for a long time.

It was at the conference - in fact, during Loz's Speech - that I made up my mind to stand in the NEC elections for the Nominating Officer position.  I vividly remember Loz tweeting about an important announcement during the speech, and me sitting at the back of the room thinking "I hope he isn't going to announce he isn't running for Leader again in the next election".  I'll happily admit to the world, I genuinely had a tear in my eye when this proved untrue.

Reflections of a Former Nominating Officer

Phil Cooke's picture

It's that time of year where people traditionally reflect on the past 12 months. Having recently stood down from the NEC, I've been reflecting on my time so far with PPUK. It's been an interesting journey, from initially volunteering to spend the odd hour working on the IT systems to the last couple of years as an elected officer on the NEC. Along the way, there have been a mix of good and bad times (I've made a number of new friends, been threatened with legal action and frequently had to learn new skills for the tasks I've picked up).

Recent events, highlighted especially on Christmas day by Edward Snowden's alternative speech, show that my reasons for joining & becoming an active member of the party remain. We need to keep (and step up!) campaigning on our core issues, lest we completely lose our rights to Privacy, Free Speech and everything associated with them.

Nominations for Internal Elections

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The good news is that the first ‘trial’ of our members voting system already looks to have been a success. That trial is the current ratification vote to approve or reject the appointment of four second-tier positions of administrative responsibility, like Deputy Treasurer or Head of the Web Team. The voting system appears to be working correctly, and just as important, our members have been using it. A quarter of members have voted already, within just two days of the vote commencing. Many thanks to Tom and the team that implemented the system, and many thanks to those of you who have voted already. For those who have not voted already, the vote will remain open until the end of Sunday 29th November.


Your Approval for New Positions of Trust

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Members of the Pirate Party UK, we would like your approval to appoint people to new positions of trust.  Why do we seek your approval?  Because we are a party that aspires to be both democratic and transparent.  Why then are these positions not up for election?  Because they are not really the right sort of position - these are jobs where we need skilled and trusted individuals who have already been vetted to ensure they are up to the challenge and are there to support the administration of the party.  

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