Where do I start?

Hmm, where to start.

I joined the Pirate Party when it was first established in the UK.  I am a strong believer in freedom of speech and the free sharing of knowledge.  Add into that I believe that the power, influence and enforcement of the current copyright system is damaging those prime belief and also stifles creativity and you basically have the reasons why I joined.

I'm not a politician and probably never will be.  I'm a freelance IT consultant and have nearly 40 years of experience of computing.  I have seen the freedom of the BBS system and its morphing into the Internet.  I remember the nostalgic days of attending computer clubs and sharing ROM's of software with fellow members.  Something has seriously wrong with a political system when content providers can encrypt media then get government backing to pass laws that make the decrypting of that media illegal.  This, in itself, counters this Government's claim to support fair use.  How can you have fair use, when the media you are trying to use fairly cannot be decrypted because of legal sanction?

Our new website - a month on

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We have been running on our new website for over a month now, and we are seeing a whole lot more interaction between our members on the things which matter to us.

If you haven't yet migrated your account, you need to do so by going to the migrate page or by clicking the "Move Your Account" button on the right hand side of this post (and which appears on every page of the website).New Site

Migrating your account will allow you to make sure that your information is up-to-date, will allow for far more interaction with what we have to offer, and will ensure you can vote in any internal elections.

Another thing our new site offers is all members now have their own blog, which you can make use of if you wish, and which gives each of us a much larger voice in the output we can now offer.

We have now fully transitioned to our new site, and the old infrastructure is no longer active.  If you have still to migrate your account, I urge you to take the five minutes and do so to ensure you can continue using your account with us.

Help Put More Pirates In the European Parliament

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It's the European Parliament Elections.

Defending free culture doesn't come cheap. Nor does running elections. We don't get the money we need to campaign from fat cats and big backers. We are funded by people like you, through your donations and your membership payments, we couldn't do it without you.

We need to keep our issues front and centre in the European Parliament and the best way to do that is to put more Pirates in the Parliament.   

Whats more, we need to keep building the party, we have come a long way in the last year, done many of the things we aimed for in the last two years, but there is still a lot of work to do. It takes time, volunteers and money.

Plans for the Party Unconference

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 Thanks to the hard work of Rob Howson, we are in a position to share some plans for the party’s unconference.  It is an unconference, not a conference, because we are that kind of party – unconventional, undaunted, and, erm... un-ique.  Now all we need is some feedback to say if the plans are on the right lines.


Meet our 500th Member

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The Pirate Party UK recently passed the 500-member mark.  Our 500th member is Hakim Akayour, a motorcycle enthusiast from Hertfordshire.  We asked Hakim why he supports the Pirate Party, and this is what he told us.

“I love my motorbike.  For me, it means freedom.  I've ridden my bike all over - all around Europe and down to North Africa too.  It makes me worried that there's politicians who would even think of putting chips into every bike and car and monitoring our every move.  l know the government will try and brand it as a method to stop people driving on the road without road tax, but once the system is in and it's too late to stop them they can start using it for a magnitude of other things.


Membership Update

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When the PPUK officers had their last conference call, less than a week ago, we set ourselves a simple target.  The capability to enrol members had just been put in place.  The website was live and we hoped to convert the 200 regular users of the forum into full members within a fortnight.  The plan was to only engage the media after we had a little money, a few members to boast of, and the chance to test our systems and processes and fix the remaining bugs.  Well, forget that plan!  The media has been hot for the story from moment the Telegraph reported that the Pirate Party UK had officially registered.  The party is only 2 weeks old, but the response has been extraordinary.



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