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Interview with Loz in Economic Survivor by Russell Cavanagh.

Sunday, 10 August, 2014 - 12:00

Thanks For The Support

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For the big parties it seems that their donors are all too often controversial or something they would rather not draw attention to. Well here at Pirate Party UK we are “powered by” small donations from the grassroots. We're proud to say thanks to the people who donated to our European election campaign . As we pointed out, even just standing in one region costs £5k. Which probably should answer those of you who who wanted to know why we weren't running in more regions, much as we would have loved to. You'll just have to shell out the Bitcoins again, and that's why we send out the fundraising tweets … !

There's a thing which pops up on social media every now and again about how politicians should be made to wear clothes with the party sponsors on. I'd be happy to wear a jacket with these names on. A craft project for someone?

Radicalising the Internet – The Politics of DRIP

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Apparently there is a national emergency going on. Not that you would particularly notice, as our elected representatives have been as busy Tweeting snarky comments about the reshuffle as actually debating the future of the communications of every person in the country. And indeed beyond, if Data Retention and Investigatory Powers (DRIP) bill goes through.

On the campaign trail

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It has been a busy election season for me, and even though we've been going as a party for nearly 5 years the first time operating at more than one level at the same time. A typical week saw me talking to voters in the tower blocks of East Manchester, doing a press call for the North West Euro region and going down to London to help out with Lambeth leafleting.

Once again, I stood in the council elections for Manchester in the Ancoats and Clayton ward. Really untypically this is the 3rd time we have fought this ward within 9 months! The end of 2013 saw 2 by-elections as well as the regular election this May.

A lot of the issues we deal with play out on the big stage – net neutrality in the European Parliament, mass surveillance taking in the whole globe. But there is nothing like council politics to see why transparency and democratic engagement are vital.

Initial Election Result - Loz Kaye in Ancoats & Clayton Ward, Manchester Council

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The following are the results of the May 2014 local council elections for Ancoats & Clayton Ward, Manchester Council where Loz Kaye was standing for Pirate Party UK.

Candidates: Votes %
Atkins, Conservative 230 6.7%
Davidson, TUSC 30 0.9%
Dobson, Liberal  383 11.2%
Hansford,  Green   315 9.2%
Kaye, Pirate  129 3.8%
Loftus, UKIP 538 15.7%
Lovell, Lib Dem  110 3.2%
Ludford, Labour 1700 49.5%
Total 3435 100%

UK Government not so neutral on Net Neutrality

Monday, 19 May, 2014 - 13:30

In April, the European Parliament adopted draft legislation as part of a move to regulate the European Telecommunications market. This included the formal adoption of Net Neutrality. Net Neutrality is a principle which states that internet service providers must treat all traffic equally regardless of source, and cannot charge for the preferential treatment of their subscribers or a particular service.

UK web users face a backdoor Digital Economy Act

Loz is quoted in an article at The Inquirer about deal between BPI and ISPs to send 'piracy' warning letters.

Friday, 9 May, 2014 - 12:00

Ancoats and Clayton Casework Update Blog 17th April

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Piccadilly Basin AKA The Grassy Knoll

Plans to build on one of the few remaining pleasant open spaces in the Northern Quarter raised alarm amongst residents. Proposals are being drawn up to put flats on the green space on Tariff Street behind Jacksons Warehouse. It's not just about us losing a really nice place to be, concerns have also been raised about how the architecture would fit in context.

Worse still, I was alerted by residents that a massive part of the grass was dug up and mashed down without warning.

Here is the state of play as I have found out.


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