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BPI Legal action

Wednesday, 19 December, 2012 - 16:30

BPI Legal action

The proxy server, which the Pirate Party UK initially provided in solidarity with other parties in Europe, but later as an anti-censorship resource for UK users, has now been been removed. Loz Kaye made the following statement:

Elected members of the party's National Executive Committee, along with the head of IT, received letters from lawyers acting for British Phonographic Industry (BPI), threatening them personally with High Court legal action.

The Skeptical Voter

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Questions – Skeptical Voter

Loz Kaye – Pirate Party Candidate Manchester Central by-election

Skeptical Voter puts focus on candidates' attitudes to evidence-based policymaking.  Here are my responses to their candidate survey.  By way of introduction, I would like to point out that acting on the basis of evidence is one of the core principles of our entire policy platform as endorsed by the party membership this year.

Looking forward to 2012

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Happy New Year.

This time is always a period to look back over the year that has gone, and see what it means for the year to come. At times, it seemed like there was almost too much news in 2011. So many certainties seemed to fall away, perhaps the scariest part of the last 12 months, yet also it shows the future can be different. It is that determination and optimism that characterises the Pirate movement for me.

These days, one of the chief problems that any new movement faces is surviving the first flash of excitement. People's attention spans, particularly online, can be short. During 2011 Pirate Party UK has come the other side of that period stronger in my opinion.

Pirate Party Germany server raid - Personal statement by Loz Kaye

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I would like to add my condemnation to that of Sebastian Nerz and Rick Falkvinge, amongst others on yesterday's police raid of German Pirate Party IT Assets.

A French investigation into an attack on the IT infrastructure of the energy group EDF resulted in German authorities disconnecting and then confiscating the German Pirate Party's servers.  This had the effect of partially crippling the party two days ahead of state elections in Bremen.

The party itself was not the target of the raid and is instead an innocent victim of these actions by the German Authorities.

What is Pirate Party politics?

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Election season is underway and some people are hearing about the Pirate Party for the first time. Also voters are being bombarded with leaflets and 70 page manifestos. Here is a quick round up of what we stand for- as most people don't want to wade through a whole huge document.

The Pirate Party is the first genuinely 21st century political movement. It is our aim to set digital policy right at the heart of of British politics where it belongs. Access to broadband should be a right for all, whether in rural or urban communities. We want to see an end to laws that hound individuals, we want to see a country where government is truly open and accountable, and where technology is embraced rather than feared. 

Pirate Party UK enters Oldham East and Saddleworth by-election

Friday, 17 December, 2010 (All day)

The Pirate Party UK today announces their intent to stand a candidate in the Oldham East and Saddleworth by-election. Loz Kaye, the Pirate Party UK leader, will campaign on a platform promoting freedom of speech and government transparency.

A Message From the New Leader

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Dear Pirates...

Thanks for your support and choosing me to contribute to our fight for a politics fit for the 21st century.  So, I'm excited to accept the position as Leader of Pirate Party UK. I want to stand for a politics that puts our shared culture before censorship and industry lobbying. I want to stand for a movement that places liberty ahead of fear. 

As I emphasised during the campaign, we have a lot of challenges ahead. Just this week has been a depressing one from our viewpoint. The Gallo report has been adopted by the EU parliament, it would have been good to see PPSE in the Swedish parliament rather than a far-right party, there has been the ridiculous spectacle of Paul Chambers in court once again for a joke on twitter. But we can't waste any time feeling down, politics needs us more than ever. Look at the issues we face:  the implications of the Digital Economy Act, the next round of ACTA, new censorship proposals in the US, body scanners, … you fill in the next attack on our freedoms. 

Pirate Party Elects New Leader

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At 10am this morning, Sunday 26th September, voting closed in the election for the new party leader after Andrew Robinson, our first leader, declared his intent to stand down.

The election initially had 4 candidates - Peter Brett, Loz Kaye, Graeme Lambert, and Eric Priezkalns, however Erc and Graeme withdrew before the end of the nominations period, meaning voting was between Peter Brett, Loz Kaye, and the Re-Open Nominations option.


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