Leaders Update

2015 – Looking Forward

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The end of the year is often a time when people like to look back. Well, as usual I prefer to look forward. The new NEC members Will and George have made a good start with that, in a couple of weeks we've got the preparation for the General Election well under way, meeting electoral services to discuss the timetable. to planning campaigns, looking at designs.

One thing I'm worried about for 2015 is that people will miss out on their right to vote. The meetings we have had with people in charge of voter registration have indicated the changes in rules have let some people behind. This is particularly hitting young people and students. You can register online now at https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote .

We've already got some candidates declared for the General Election, discussions underway with more- and of course we want to hear from any of you thinking of standing at a local or parliamentary level.

Leaders Update - One Week To Go #EU2014

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While we may be a party that does so much of its work online, we've never lost sight that voters are actual people out there in the country.

The weeks of the local and European Parliament election campaigns have seen us contacting and communicating with people in a far wider range of places than ever before.

We've delivered pallets loaded with Pirate leaflets in Warrington, been on hustings in Lambeth, Maria's been on radio Cumbria, I've been interviewed by a paper from Bournemouth, had tweets about energy policy from Stockport, we've fielded calls from Liverpool, sent off posters to supporters in Moss Side and Garstang.

Equally, we have received many messages from people who wish they could vote for us. And of course I wish they could too. However what all of these people want is not just a name on a ballot. They expect us to field strong candidates, like the ones we have now. They expect us to work hard for our ideas, and to campaign. I'm happy (and somewhat exhausted!) to say that's what we have been doing.

Leadership Update

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Loz Kaye -

Time for a new Leader's update. I'm really pleased about the roll out of our new web platform. We can see already that it has made it easier to campaign, to get more people involved and get our message out there in a way people will connect with.

The main update I have from the Leader's Office is I'm very glad of the support and work Sephy is giving as our new Deputy Leader. So from here on out it's a Leadership team. We'll be keeping you up to date together on what we have beendoing and what we want to focus on.

After all we're Pirates so we do things differently!

Let's face it there are so many issues to deal with right now - care data, surveillance, falling turnout in elections, making sure everyone gets their fair share in this society, that we need all the help we can get.

Sephy Hallow  -

Being the only party out there ready to challenge major, ongoing issues in British and global politics - from mass surveillance to copyright reform, to internet filtering and censorship - it is always going to be a challenge to fight on all fronts. However, I'm proud, as Deputy Leader, to be part of the battle to save democracy, and as fellow Pirates, you should be too. From your interest in the Pirate Party, you don't lie back and take it from rogue politicians, and you are fighting for a freer,more equal society - because you really do care about the future of politics.

Leaders Update - A New Year, Looking Backward and Forward

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I hope all of you have had a good break over the festive season. A new year's a good time to look back over the one just past and new challenges up ahead. 

In 2013 more than ever, our kind of politics dominated the news- surveillance, technology, democracy, privacy, whistleblowing, freedom of speech and the social media were constantly in focus.

In many ways 2013 was the year of “we told you so”. For some time now we've been warning about the state's constant calls for invading people's privacy. But even I was shocked by the true extent of mass surveillance revealed by the brave decision of Edward Snowden to blow the whistle. More than anything it has revealed that as far as GCHQ are concerned anything we say or do is fair game. In our country suspicion is now our way of life. 

Leader Update: Military Strikes in Syria

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The last few weeks has seen a deluge of news for our kind of politics - more mass surveillance revelations, the smashing of Guardian laptops, and not least the Manning sentencing. I couldn't help reflecting that Manning has been locked up longer than I have been Leader of the UK Pirate Party.

That Manning could get decades in prison for wanting to speak out, to blow the whistle, shows we are not ready to face the consequences of what we have done in the Middle East.

That is why I am so concerned by the threat of new military involvement, now in Syria. I know we value discussion, weighing evidence, and debate. But also the public expect us to be clear when we are faced with major decisions as a country. That's why I think we must be clear in saying no to unilateral military action. 

Snowden and Asylum #EuropeFail

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After some days with an increasing number of rebuffs, it is now reported that Edward Snowden is being offered asylum by Venezuela and Nicaragua. It appears that the bizarre incident with Evo Morales' plane may have in fact had precisely the opposite effect to what the US administration was hoping for by provoking Latin American nations.

As I pointed out on Russia Today a few days back, while Europe fails to act, there are no good options for Edward Snowden. I said that I am not a fan of Venezuela, that is because its human rights record and authoritarian tendencies are very far from what the Pirate Party view is. No doubt if Snowden goes there, this will be used to attack him and the whole basis of the NSA revelations. But wherever he ends up, this does not change the importance of the story.  If European nations are not willing to offer him the protection he needs, the fault is ours, not his.

Leaders Update - From Venice to Toxteth: We need more Pirates for Europe

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It's certainly never a dull moment as PP-UK Leader. Since my last update I have been busy advocating for our politics, including a lecture at the London School of Economics, meetings at the House of Commons, attending events about open data and taking part at the international "Rethinking the Internet" conference in Venice.

Equally, I have been working on the ground for residents in Manchester- whether it's helping to run a community consultation on possible new uses for an derelict building in Bradford ward where I stood last year, or pressing for regeneration in the East of the city. I also had an amazing visit to community projects in the Liverpool district of Toxteth. Great to see real transformation, it doesn't have to be all doom and gloom.  I like this combination of the visionary and the practical, that's what politics is about for me.  

Leaders Update - There's never been a better time to go Pirate

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We've had quite a few new members join the party since my last update. So welcome all, and thanks to all of you who continue to be part of this party and those of ytou who have volunteered to help. We've been through quite a big media focus recently and it's time to expand our work on the ground to cope with the interest in Pirate politics. So that means a new and bigger team.

We have a new board and it's time to expand the team further, we'll need new people to help with press, new candidates, new treasury team, new people to support my work as Leader, help with ongoing policy, and new members for the board.

Uncivil Liberties: The Coalition's Surveillance Chaos

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It has been a  week of chaos for Britain's government on civil liberties. Theresa May signaling the intention to bring in legislation to allow law enforcement agencies to check email, web, social media and gaming forum traffic unleashed a wave of protest. It also unleashed contradiction in the government parties. The Conservatives were quick to exploit the "being tough on crime" angle in the Sun. LibDem president Tim Farron was fielded to promise to shoot down the proposals Nick Clegg was set up to defend just a few short days before.

We have had leaks, briefings, interviews, spin and letters. Lots of letters. The whole debacle has been capped with Home Office and the Prime Minister's websites being DDoSed by Anonymous. 

Looking forward to 2012

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Happy New Year.

This time is always a period to look back over the year that has gone, and see what it means for the year to come. At times, it seemed like there was almost too much news in 2011. So many certainties seemed to fall away, perhaps the scariest part of the last 12 months, yet also it shows the future can be different. It is that determination and optimism that characterises the Pirate movement for me.

These days, one of the chief problems that any new movement faces is surviving the first flash of excitement. People's attention spans, particularly online, can be short. During 2011 Pirate Party UK has come the other side of that period stronger in my opinion.


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