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Green Party Wales Leader Resigns... blames money

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Alice Hooker-Stroud resigned from the Wales Green Party Leadership today citing lack of funding for smaller parties in the UK meant it was "untenable" for her to carry on in the voluntary role.

I cannot find any way to agree with this position. Entire elected positions in government by the hundreds of thousands are without any funding, my community council seat is an entirely unpaid role as is my role as Deputy Leader position in the Pirate Party UK but I have never felt finances are a big enough problem to resign. If any party would face this problem, Pirates would certainly feel it first, let alone the Greens in Wales that share a membership in the tens of thousands with the main GPE&W.

We already place a huge amount of money in the running of government, I think it unwise at best to say that political parties should also add to the tax payers bill, effectively not only paying MPs but paying all the would-be MPs as well in some varying set of degrees.

The Alt-Left have learnt nothing

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While we see the Democrats in America failing to come to terms with what cost them the 2016 election. That calling your electorate deplorable is not a way to convince them you have the better argument, we’re now seeing the left wing recycle candidates at home, much like the USA did with Hilary Clinton.

Caroline Lucas was not so long ago, after standing down, re-stood and was re-elected as Leader of the Green Party in England and Wales and now Pippa Bartolli has been elected Green Party Wales’ Deputy Leader, having already served as Leader.

This particularly grinds my gears as there are many of us that generally speaking end up more on the left wing than the right in our policy making and the Greens territorialism tends to mean they claim the left wing argument rather a lot. There are so many people not just on the left spectrum but those who have been mislead to join the greens that have so much to offer to politics.

Green Party Conference - No Lessons Learned for Wales

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Pippa started with giving props, as I suppose all leaders do by saying they had an incredible year in Wales. Most of the successes she talks of are of course true but she doesn't acknowledge any failures, areas of growth or what the Greens in Wales need to do in order to become more electable. There was no mention of needing to find candidates to fill all areas and stop standing paper candidates that ride in on Green Party popularity. Perhaps most concerning, the Greens were the party that lost the most deposits in GE2015 and wasted a drastic amount of money. Rather than taking the Lib Dem's approach of fielding candidates with strong local support and punching through in a swing seat, they just carpet bombed the entire UK.

Mainsplaining - Green Party's Gendered Insults

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At a time of introspection, with new Leadership, Board and a whole variety of new faces mixing with the old, it's natural for a party to question if we are representing and speaking to all demographics.

When speaking to people, the Greens are usually thought of as the party for equality, especially around women's rights and social justice but it's not something I really ever agreed that they represented. In fact, I find them just as bad an extreme as UKIP when it comes to the equality balance, but in the other direction.

I have always found that the Greens are interested in focusing on specific groups as victims, rather than trying to achieve any real sense of equality and often veto justice or evidence and instead do what they morally feel is right.

A prime example; this image, which emerged after the Green Party Leader, Natalie Bennett attended the Glastonbury festival.

You need a new political party

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While the fury over the Conservative Government winning the election drives on; the disillusionment in politics will be ripe but thankfully we're seeing the opposite of that in the Pirate Party.

So many people are coming forward to make the Pirate Party stronger and with an even wider range of skills. What encourages me more than anything is that each of these new voices start by offering us something new. No one is clutching for power or to get their personal agenda in. So many are hearing the call to action and want to help make us a strong opposition to those out of date parties sat in Westminster.

With this in mind, I'd like to say a big welcome to all our new Pirates.

Not all parties are enjoying this success and we need to keep encouraging others to join us. So many good people thought the Liberal Democrats were the party for youth, for protecting students and for personal freedoms yet were monumentally betrayed when they finally got into Government. I say to these people, you need a new party.

Why I'm not a Green

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...and why you're not a Green too.

On the campaign trail it's not uncommon for Green Party supporters and sympathies to ask:

“If digital rights are so important to you why don't you join the Green Party?”

While it is true that perhaps there are forward looking people in the Green Party with their heart in the right place, the digital world will never be a priority for the Greens. They're inexperienced, they've come late to the digital fight, they're a little too, well, green. I say this as someone who joined the Greens hoping they were a truly progressive party but left when there was a completely void of support for our digital freedoms.

As it was put by a co-host on The White Rose Club radio yesterday “Greens are like 3G and the Pirate Party are 4G” which I think captures it perfectly. Essentially while there is a faction within the Greens that know there is something in the digital world that needs their attention, they're most certainly not up to date while Pirates are at the frontier.

The second question I get asked is:

PPUK dismay at GMO research threat

Thursday, 24 May, 2012 - 21:30

Science not scythes - Evidence is vital for sound public policy

I am alarmed that the site of an experimental study will be targeted by anti-GM activists intent on destroying important research into genetically-modified wheat, and that this criminal destruction is being promoted by the Green Party using the euphemism "mass decontamination".

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