Green Party Conference - No Lessons Learned for Wales

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Pippa started with giving props, as I suppose all leaders do by saying they had an incredible year in Wales. Most of the successes she talks of are of course true but she doesn't acknowledge any failures, areas of growth or what the Greens in Wales need to do in order to become more electable. There was no mention of needing to find candidates to fill all areas and stop standing paper candidates that ride in on Green Party popularity. Perhaps most concerning, the Greens were the party that lost the most deposits in GE2015 and wasted a drastic amount of money. Rather than taking the Lib Dem's approach of fielding candidates with strong local support and punching through in a swing seat, they just carpet bombed the entire UK.

Party Conferences. What a bunch of toss.

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I've just been watching Nigel Farage do his party conference speech, railing against the Westminster establishment. As well as announcing they are welcoming in another MP from the Westminster establishment. For all that Nigel's "People's Army" pretend to be the plucky outsiders, their party bash is just another addition to the snoozefest that is party conference season. It's a kind of panto version of the main parties' events, but imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

In Manchester, where I live, we have to put up with the Spad invasion every year now, as the Tories and Labour switch turns. Not even the council seem to be able to tell the two apart; in the past they have put out exactly the same press release about the current party conference for two years running, just changing the name of the party.  The feeling of dogged indifference in the city this year was palpable. The Manchester Evening News's Jennifer Williams summed up the mood on Twitter. "Trying to write column on Labour conference. Trying to resist urge to just write 'awful' 400 times".

New Nominations Officer: A Short Introduction

Attending the Party Conference in October last year was a great experience for me, one of the best for a long time.

It was at the conference - in fact, during Loz's Speech - that I made up my mind to stand in the NEC elections for the Nominating Officer position.  I vividly remember Loz tweeting about an important announcement during the speech, and me sitting at the back of the room thinking "I hope he isn't going to announce he isn't running for Leader again in the next election".  I'll happily admit to the world, I genuinely had a tear in my eye when this proved untrue.

Loz Kaye Rounds off #PPUK13 Conference: "If We don't Speak Out, Who Will?"

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Party Leader Loz Kaye rounded off the successful, fun, and productive conference at Manchester's Museum of Science and Industry. In his speech to members and delegates, described by Jamie Bartlett of Demos, as "Most angry party leader speech I've ever seen", he set out some of the key themes of the past year and priorities for the way ahead.

He pointed out that the venue was an appropriate one for the conference saying:  
“Museums and libraries are the original Pirates. Freeing up knowledge. Freeing up culture. Because it allows everyone to take part not just an elite.” 


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