Civil Liberties

London Riots: Our Fractured Society

Monday, 8 August, 2011 - 19:30

After two nights of violence on the streets of London the scale of damage to ordinary people's lives and livelihoods is staggering. Our society is in danger of becoming fractured like never before and we need to step back from the brink. It's time for calm.

Politicians of all stripes have been too quick to appropriate the riots for their own political agendas but it's too early to speculate on the causes. Also the knee-jerk blaming of the social media by the Metropolitan Police is unhelpful, lazy and wrong.

DNA Databases - A Challenge to the Law

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Today the Supreme Court gave a long-awaited ruling on the subject of DNA databases and the ability of the police to store DNA samples of innocent people indefinitely. In a majority judgment (with two of the seven judges disagreeing) the Court ruled that the police practices were unlawful. Due to changes in the law being discussed by Parliament the judges did not go as far as ordering the police to change their practices within a certain time-frame or awarding compensation. It was, however, suggested that if changes were not made soon, further cases could be brought which were likely to succeed.

While this ruling does not mark the end of excessive police profiling, or of the police DNA databases, it is clearly a step towards a more balanced and proportionate system, and should be welcomed by all those who seek a fair and just policing system

Statement on Judicial Review of the Digital Economy Act

Monday, 28 March, 2011 - 17:30

"The Judicial Review leaves the Digital Economy Act as a lame duck piece of legislation. At the time, Pirate Party UK pointed out that rushing the bill through without proper democratic oversight would result in shoddy lawgiving. We have been proved right.

"While the arguments about proportionality may have been technical, some of our worst fears that the act will result in an unacceptable mass surveillance of millions are being born out. This outrageous attack on civil liberties is based on a flawed assumption that hunting down music fans will result in increased revenue.


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