PPI GA 2014 - It's all about the money

This years PPI conference, with a few exceptions, was all about the money.  With membership fees on the agenda again and hours of work and agreements between the PPI and other members parties earlier in the year, you might have thought that the organisation would be ready and eager to show it is capable of running its financial and administrative affairs.   

At the very least you might have thought it would want to report some of the positive progress that was made earlier in the year.  Unfortunately it didn't, or probably more accurately, it couldn't.   

If anything it's the deathly silence on the issues, and upbeat generalisation from PPI boad members on its own administration and finance that people will take away from the assembly.  From a purely personal perspective, what little trust I had has been eroded further.  But lets look at why:

Firstly we should look at our work with the PPI.   

We summarised our work at the request of Muriel Rovira Esteva from the Pirates of Catalonia  - we had emailed out summaries of what had been done interested parties a few months ago, but Muriel wanted something that drew it all together. That report is available here, but I'll go over the main points.

After the vote on our membership of PPI in July 2013 we went to the PPI board via Gregory Engels and Thomas Gaul to see what support we could offer and how we could deal with the issues we had found on during the debate.

Our International team attended PPI board meetings and made sure we discussed the issues our members had identified. We worked on and got agreements on what PPI would aim to do and we helped with IT, finance. structural issues and processes. In all we invested hours of time on practical work, as well as on talking through the problems. 

On PPI finances we passed on financial documents, including departmental budgets and an  annual return and we ran PPI through the processes we used to get there.  Processes that it was agreed PPI would modify and implement.

Administration by administrators, medicine from medical staff

Given the complexity of running a hospital and the amount of time involved in administration, administrative staff, must be seen as important to ensuring that doctors, nurses and other medical staff can focus on patient care, rather than being seen as a burden. Although NHS resources and spending must be scrutinised and transparent, it is important not to harm services by removing administrative staff and shifting the administrative burden to front-line staff.

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