Stephen Ogden


Being a Midlander by birth, Stephen has now lived in London and the South East for over 15 years. With degrees in Molecular and Cellular Biology and Computing Science he spends his day job working within the HE sector helping support and promote the use of educational technologies. Politically Stephen has, in the past, described himself as something of a liberal socialist, but is proud to now be able to put a more definitive label on himself, he is a Pirate and proud of it.

Having frequently had an eye on the Swedish Pirate Party and their success he often told himself he'd get involved if here was a UK equivalent. When he heard about the official registration of the Party in the UK it was time to put his money where his mouth was. By the time he signed up as a member the Party was already two weeks old and growing rapidly, and within a week he was already trying to arrange to meet local members and had set up the PPUK South East regional Facebook presence.

In those heady early days Stephen attended many London-based member meetings and some in the South East. When the role of regional organisation became an elected responsibility Stephen stood for and was elected as the South East Regional Administrative Officer. With a desire for even greater involvement with the Party Stephen also stood for and was elected onto the Board of Governors.

As a Governor Stephen has put a lot of work into expanding the constitution and hopes that when the great reckoning comes that his tally of clauses that say what they mean outweighs the tally of those unfit for purpose.

When he isn't engaged with Party business he tries his best to spare family and friends a few moments of time here and there to stave off the accusation of being anti-social. He likes to cook (and eat the results), read (sci-fi/fantasy), and travel (preferably to places that don't fingerprint you and make you walk through 'nude scanners').

Stephen writes about what motivates his interest in politics:

"Digital economies are radically different from (pained expression) the analogue economy (i.e. 'physical' economies). Society and business need to understand that and, if need be, radically shift they way they operate to accommodate it. The nature of information, digital works, ideas, and thoughts are such that sharing them should not be hampered by all the restrictions they currently are.

I believe that personal and individual freedoms are important. It is vital to redress the balance between individuals and greedy faceless corporate entities. It is important to me that we shift the balance back towards society. It may sound trite to say information wants to be free, but to me it is surely much worse to say that it is acceptable for people to suffer or live in inferior conditions because they can't afford to have access to information."

Stephen blogs infrequently on his personal 'blog and devotes much of his twitter life to food and gentle abuse of his friends and is part of the Oversight Committee.

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