Snoopers Charter declared illegal, Pirates call on Government to rethink surveillance regime

Today, Appeal Court judges ruled the Government's intrusive mass digital surveillance regime (better known as the "Snoopers' Charter") unlawful. This has been a core campaign issue for the Pirate Party UK over the years, as well as for non-partisan groups such as Liberty, Privacy International, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and the Open Rights Group.

Pirate Party Spokesperson Mark Chapman said:

"We are extremely encouraged to hear that the court has recognised the importance of individual digital privacy - something which we have long campaigned for. What we need now is an assurance from the Government that it will totally rethink its misguided surveillance regime in the light of this ruling. It is no good trying to put a sticking plaster over the specific parts that have been ruled against, or to try and kick the issue down the road whilst the Government occupies itself with internal divisions.

"Instead, we call on the Government to radically reconsider what they are trying to do with mass digital surveillance and the needs that they are trying to meet. While we all want our country to be safe and secure, this should not come at the expense of individual rights and freedoms.

"Furthermore, we have always believed that a targeted surveillance regime would be far more effective at combatting crime, not to mention far less intrusive, than a blanket surveillance programme which effectively creates an enormous "haystack" of data in which it is impossible to find any needles. We hope that the court's decision today serves as a catalyst for far more efficient, effective, and ethical data collection in the United Kingdom going forward."






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Tuesday, 30 January, 2018 - 20:45
Mark Chapman

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