Pirate Party set new Party record for England in Local Elections

The Pirate Party UK are welcoming a great first result in their local electoral efforts with council candidate Graeme Lambert picking up over 3% of the vote in Moorside.

"Thank you to all those who supported me, either by talking to me and my team, offering advice or highlighting what you feel is important. I've enjoyed the last few weeks; it's been hard work, but it has also been a fantastic experience meeting so many of the great people who live in Moorside. I look forward to working with you, helping resolve the problems we all face and ensuring the council acts on those issues. I hope to spend a lot of the next year doing what I can to support you and holding Bury Council accountable for what they do in our name."

Graeme Lambert has achieved a 3.62% share of the votes cast in his Moorside ward in Bury. He received 119 of a total of 3286 votes cast, 1/3rd of the Liberal Democrat vote and just 150 votes short of Former Liberal Democrat turned Independent Victor Hagan.

The Pirate Party UK Leader, Loz Kaye added his congratulations to Graeme.

"Graeme's result shows that we are competing at elections to all levels of Government; that people belive our policies are relevant; and that voters are willing to put a tick in the box next to a Pirate Party candidate. We truly are a party of the 21st century, and we are the only party tackling many of the vastly important issues like privacy and civil liberties in an increasingly digital age."

Graeme congratulates Cllr Keith Rothwell on his success today, and looks forward to Keith fulfilling his campaign promises.

Friday, 6 May, 2011 - 03:45
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