Pirate party to fight Higher Blackley by-election

The Pirate party is letting loose the sails, storming back into the fight for protecting our civil liberties, free speech and campaigning for more openness at all levels of government by standing a candidate in the Higher Blackley by-election on 18 February.
George Walkden, election candidate, said:
"Manchester has been at the heart of Pirate politics in the UK. I am standing for Higher Blackley because I know that people here strongly oppose what the Conservatives have done nationally, and what the Labour council has done locally. Pirates are the only option for people who want to see transparency and openness in local government, and who want to support our civil liberties. As a party we have consistently campaigned against mass surveillance and the Prevent law. We believe that people should be citizens not suspects.

David Elston, Pirate party deputy leader said:
"I am thrilled that George is standing to give the people of Higher Blackley the opportunity to vote Pirate. George would bring a new perspective to the council. Manchester is tired of Labour's poor decisions on issues such as their heartless approach to homelessness and their self-serving approach to DevoManc. The council desperately needs an injection of real representation to begin to break up the Labour monopoly. Pirates offer a real alternative, not a Tory "alternative" which threatens deeper cuts and greater surveillance of innocent people."

While George stands for the Pirate party in Higher Blackley, across the UK we all stand for a fair 21st century society. Digital rights, personal freedoms and holding government to account won't happen by voting for the same old parties. These are the issues at the heart of Pirate politics. Residents just like those in Higher Blackley will decide at the ballot box if this is the kind of society they want to build with candidates like George.
A vote for the Pirate party sends a very clear message. We are independently minded and independently minded politicians are what we need in Manchester, and across the country.

Monday, 25 January, 2016 - 16:00

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