MPs in new 'Pirate' Scare

The Pirate Party questions the basis and conclusions of the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee's new report - Supporting the Creative Economy.

There are calls for Google to change its search results policy, to hike sentencing for IP infringement to 10 years and to delay the copyright reforms proposed by the Hargreaves review. The Committee's chair John Whittingdale MP said "the Government must use the powers given to it by Parliament in the Digital Economy Act" if a so-called voluntary Internet policing agreement between the big content industry and ISPs fails to emerge.

Pirate Party UK Leader Loz Kaye said:

"This is another half hearted attempt to whip up a pirate scare, and revive the discredited Digital Economy Act."

"I wonder if MPs take the time to read actual evidence, rather than floating vague conspiracies about Google's access to power. OfCom's exhaustive research demonstrates that file sharing should be of little concern to government or content companies. In fact, as ever, the so-called pirates are found to be the best customers, spending almost twice as much on content."

"Once again we can see how the BPI and their friends in parliament are missing the point with their obsession with the 'piracy' narrative. It is digital that is driving growth - they should be focusing on the failures of the rural and urban broadband rollout programmes. Poor infrastructure will be the cause of actual lost sales, not Google search results. The real problem faced by the creative industries is not enough Internet, rather than too much."

Friday, 27 September, 2013 - 13:45
Loz Kaye
+44 (0) 161 987 7880

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