Transparent Council Powers

A list of what powers each council has must be provided on their website - this should include any powers they have chosen to exercise; such as what taxes they are implimented that are unique or part of devolved powers.

Online Consultations

All council consultations should be accessible online in a standard gov.uk format as should the results from any consultations.

Open Websites

Ban council's from blocking copy-and-paste and adding licenses to their websites preventing the use of information on their site by the public. Consider applying a Creative Commons license. Council website information should be used to serve the people and not guarded as intelectual property.

Protected Browsing on Library Computers

Libraries must allow users to run the TOR or similar browser should they wish to. It will allow users who are using a public machine to be protected and decide on what data they wish to share.

It would also extend the TOR or similar browser network.

Accessability of FOI search

Councils to provide information that is accessible through an Freedom of Information request online in a usuable and suitable format (i.e. not unsearchable pdf) without the need to specifically request it.

Open Source software in councils

Instead of councils blanket installing Microsoft or other expensive proprietary software, they will be set a quota of what % of their software should be Open Source. The software can range from Operating Systems, Office Suites, E-Mail Clients or other.

The Quota would gradually increase as councils become more familiar with Open Source alternatives.


Our Local policies apply to County Council or Town Council levels.

We want our libraries to remain a free source of knowledge and information but also to do so much more in a passive, user-friendly way. Our security and anonymity should be protected when using a public machine and we should look to lessen the risk of using public internet connections.

Councils should be the frontier in what open source, production-ready software can be used to save the public purse some money and increase the circulation of open alternatives.

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