Police accountability

We would ensure independent oversight of investigations into police wrongdoing. Internal investigations would continue even if an officer under investigation resigns or retires. 

Protect Judicial Review

Judicial review allows courts to prevent officials from acting outside their legal powers. We would remove restrictions on who can apply for a judicial review. This would give High Court judges the discretion to conduct reviews without interference. 

Reverse Legal Aid Cuts

Access to justice is vital if justice is to be done. Legal aid allows everyone to obtain adequate representation, even if they are impoverished. We would reverse cuts to legal aid and introduce reforms to ensure access. Sanctions would discourage vexatious or frivolous motions or pleadings. 

Day Fines

In a Day-Fine system, punishments are assessed based on annual income after a basic subsistence level is taken into account. This would act as a more equal deterrent to citizens regardless of socio-economic status. Commercial fines would be scale fairly for both large multinational and small businesses. 

End Secret Courts

We are committed to a transparent, reasonable and fair judicial system.  Evidence should be presented in a fair and open manner, and justice must be seen to be done. We would end the use of secret courts.

Make extradition fair

No extradition should be permitted where a British Judges deems that an extradition would not be in the interests of justice. We will ensure that British judges have the power to halt an extradition until they were satisfied that a case is trial-ready, as well as the power to refuse extradition where the country seeking extradition is clearly not the appropriate place for trial.

We would also seek clearer rules to deal with cases where there is a multinational aspect to ensure cases are handled transparently and fairly.

Improve the rehabilitation of offenders

We will introduce significant reforms to the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974. The current recidivism rate in the UK is around 50%, in part due to discrimination against former prisoners after release. The Pirate Party will propose removing the requirement to declare spent criminal convictions and toughen legislation making it illegal to discriminate against people with spent convictions.  

No to Police Commissioners

The election of Police Commissioners will be a step backward for justice in Britain. Whilst we support the idea that those individuals entrusted with upholding and enforcing the law should be open to public scrutiny, we do not believe that they should be elected to their offices and subject to political pressure. The Pirate Party will abolish Police Commissioners.  

Ensure the police are effective

The number of police officers should reflect the needs of the area in which they operate. However, every police force should have the resources to ensure that police officers are both highly visible and available when they are needed. The numbers and balance of Police Community Support Officers and Police Officers in every force area should be sufficient to achieve that goal.

Maintain independence of the Judiciary, CPS and the Police

Politicians should pass laws that they feel appropriate, but it should be the role of the police and judges to act independently, neither aiming to influence nor being swayed by political or popular pressures. The limiting of the independence of judges, and the curtailment of their ability to make the right judgement and to pass appropriate sentences on cases that come before them can and does constitute an injustice. The police should act on the basis of priorities that are right for the areas in which they are operating.


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