Increasing NHS funding

Since 2010 NHS funding per person has dropped in real terms. £800 million over the last government has been cut. This must be reversed if we want a health service that is fit for purpose. We want to increase NHS funding by 4% in real terms and bring UK healthcare spending in line with the G7 average.  NHS funding must then continue to keep up with need, rising with in line with UK population growth.  The NHS is a vital service, it is right that it be funded by general taxation. 

Mental healthcare funding and recognition

Funding for mental health services has been cut in real terms for three years in a row, yet mental health problems account for 23% of the total burden of disease. Despite the existence of cost-effective treatments it receives only 13% of NHS health expenditure. 
Mental health services must be funded appropriately to deal with demand and tackle unmet needs. To achieve this, we would rebalance the NHS budget to ensure mental health care receives the level of investment needed to improve outcomes.  

Mental health training for primary care personnel

Mental healthcare issues are often not recognised or properly addressed. We would ensure that primary care staff (GPs, Nurses, Crisis team, etc) are appropriately trained to deal with the mental health needs of their patients.This would ensure that mental health issues are promptly spotted and dealt with correctly. 

Homoeopathy and the NHS

 In a 2010 House of Commons report, homoeopathy was described as "scientifically implausible",  nevertheless, there are several NHS homoeopathic hospitals 

NHS funding for homoeopathy (or other treatments not supported by clinical trials) would be permitted only where no non-placebo treatment is available. 

Reverse Privatisation within the NHS

Ongoing privatisation of NHS services is increasing inefficiencies and costs. would adopt the proposals in the NHS Reinstatement Bill. This would ensure the NHS is publicly funded, publicly provided and publicly accountable.

Jointly commissioned health services, without pooled budgets

Separate "silos" for healthcare, social care and 3rd sector creates a fragmented system. This causes a disjointed experience for patients, and some "fall through the cracks. Centralising commissioning, while keeping budgets separate, would increase both care quality and efficiency. 

End Public Finance Initiatives within the NHS

Since 1997, NHS infrastructure worth £11bn has been built under PFIs at a cost of £80bn. Often, PFI schemes have locked the NHS into using a particular company's services. No more PFI deals would be signed, and urgent intervention would be made where inflated PFI costs are having a negative impact on NHS services. 

Scrap Prescription Charges

We are committed to healthcare on the basis of need, not the ability to pay. We would remove charges for prescriptions in England. This would bring England into line with Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. 

Scientific approach to clinical trials

Clinical trials are investigations designed to assess the effects – wanted and unwanted – of healthcare interventions in people.Clinicians and patients need access to clinical trial results to make treatment decisions. Our policy would adopt the "All Trials" campaign proposals.All tests of treatments and medications on humans would be registered and recorded.

The "All Trials" proposals:

Rehabilitation for alcohol addicts

Alcohol addiction is becoming an increasing problem in some parts of the UK Courts would gain the power to send alcohol addicts to rehabilitation instead of prison. This would be funded by an increased tax on alcohol above 4% ABV. 


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