Nominations Office

What is the Nominations Office?

The Nominations Office is essentially an inwards and outwards-facing office within the Party, dealing with a wide range of issues, such as candidates, relevant paperwork, and supporting any and all other departments as necessary throughout the Party.

Firstly, the Nominations Officer oversees nominating paperwork for candidates in external elections, such as the General Parliamentary Elections and the Local Council elections in the UK, and the wider-reaching European Parliamentary Elections. The Nominations Office will also oversee the candidate selection process and the Campaigns department to assist with putting in place a support network during external elections by way of an Election Agent, and any other necessary support candidates and their teams require.

Secondly, the Nominations Office oversees and organises internal Party elections, such as electing members for the National Executive Committee and the Board of Governors, ratifying candidates for elections, consulting members over Constitutional amendments, and any other reason why the Party may want, or need, to consult the members by way of a vote.

Thirdly, the Nominations Officer is a go-between for the Party and the Electoral Commission, acting as a link for the Party to essential documents and paperwork. The Nominating Officer works hand-in-hand with the Party Secretary to issue up-to-date copies of the relevant Electoral Registers to branches and candidates, and also works hard to ensure that said data is only used within legal limits.

What, and who, is the Nominating Officer?

The Nominating Officer is an elected official who is a member of the Party National Executive Committiee, who oversees the work done by the Nominations Team. The office can be contacted via email on [email protected]. As per Party constitution, the Nominating Officer can appoint a Deputy Nominating Officer, who is an unelected member of the NEC, who therefore does not have NEC voting privileges.

Temporary Process for Requests for Electoral Register Access

All requests for access to Electoral Registers should be submitted to [email protected], who will work with the Party Secretariat to honour requests.

The Nominations Officer will check with the Party Secretariat to ensure that they are satisfied that the Party will not be in breach of Data Protection laws should the information be released to the applicant, and the Party Secretariat will also perform any other checks that they want to perform.

The Nominations Office requests that all Electoral Register data holders take extra care to ensure they keep this data safe and secure. Any data holders will need to keep this data encrypted on their devices and will not be permitted to transfer this to any further devices without permission from the Party Secretariat or the Nominating Officer, who will inform the other officer.

The Party Secretariat and the Nominations Office may also make other requests and demands upon this data at their and the party's discretion at any time while the data is held.

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