NEC Minutes for the 2nd of January 2014

Thursday, 2 January, 2014 - 20:45
Loz Kaye (LK) - Leader
Sephy Hallow (SH) - Deputy Leader
Andy Halsall (AH) - Campaigns
Ed Geraghty (EG) - Secretary
Phil Cooke (PC) - Nominations
Jason Winstanley (JW) - Nominations
Sam Clark (SC) - Treasurer

Previous Minutes

Approved by email


Matters Arising

  • Physical meet: 18th January 2014 in Sheffield


Leader's Office

Brief update (max. 5 minutes) on actions/tasks since last meeting

  • Interview with Forbes about site blocking
  • EC paperwork completed
  • Piece on blog about site blocking
  • Branch activity/meetup in Manchester

Tasks for the upcoming week

  • Leader's update
  • Stepping up with press, need to find new press team leader
  • SH to write a welcome blog post
  • Conversations between LK and SH about further writing possibilities
  • Swing into candidate recruitment
  • LK Attending Community Scrutiny Committee meeting, organising a panel on crypto and politics in March



  • Brief update (max. 5 minutes) on actions/tasks since last meeting
  • Tasks for the upcoming week

Postponed due to SC apology



Brief update (max. 5 minutes) on actions/tasks since last meeting

  • More work on new web project
  • Interim press cover in place, working well but need a more permanent solution
  • Spoken with people over CEEP, pushing forward on EU
  • Chat with SC about membership campaigns
  • Good work in branches contuinues, especially in Bury

Tasks for the upcoming week

  • Continuing with web work & deployment
  • Candidate call
  • EU Election left to branches, but call-out from central campaigns office


  • Co-operation outside of CEEP possible - end of January timeline
  • Must be beneficial to all
  • PPI is becoming an issue again, to talk about closer to the PPI GA



Brief update (max. 5 minutes) on actions/tasks since last meeting

  • Set off running; blogs, emails out to membership
  • Receiving information on new members
  • Handover/takeover mostly complete
  • EG to coordinate with LK over emails to party donors
  • Email/blog post from LK by 3rd January to come into EG



Brief update (max. 5 minutes) on actions/tasks since last meeting

(Due to apology from JW, PC presented this point)

  • CEEP vote concluded and vote results pushed out
  • Concern over turnout for the recent vote
  • Noted an overwhelming "yes" from those who did vote
  • Campaigns/Nominations to work out how to improve turnout
  • AH notes the vote ran over Christmas period on short notice; it was an uninteresting vote on internal policy with poor communication out to membership
  • LK notes that internal votes in other parties poor, but we should strive to be better - we need open debate (which is already working to bring in members)

Tasks for the upcoming week

  • Postponed due to JW's absence


Website Delivery

  • Still moving over content, made massive inroads on migration
  • Still a fair way off delivery, but people working on the monotonous migration at a decent pace
  • Delivery will be a week or two, depending on other workloads




  • Selection of candidates:
  • We have had repeated calls - three candidates have put themselves forward, another call-out in Jan
  • By end of Jan, we will ask party to ratify candidates
  • Voting first for region, then ranking candidates within
  • First we need to build profile of people before throwing them out as candidates


  • Run a national campaign from the second the new site is up
  • Talk about main themes over past 2 years - civil liberties
  • Focus on detail of campaigns at physical meeting
  • Donations drive to tie in with Euros - the more money we have, the more people we can stand. Needs to run off the back of concrete things we are achieving.
  • Reliant on the new website - needs work
  • Need more output - need more graphics


  • Needs some prettifying
  • Maybe not as "common" as we'd hoped. Many EU sister parties seem to have not adopted it. Given only 20 votes, we cannot give it the confidence such as the policy process
  • Works well as a baseline document, but needs to be driven by candidates
  • All Euro to be delegated to Jack Allnutt (Deputy Campaigns/International) for the forseeable future due to workloads


Conference 2014

  • Request for hosts, followed by Bids and final decision.
  • Needs to wait until new site, February at the earliest


  • AH to book venue for 18th January in Sheffield for physical NEC meet
  • Over next month, LK to head-hunt a new press leader rather than call-out to membership
  • Need Euro timetable from Nominations by 18th of January
  • LK to speak with JW about timetable of nominations for EU & need to know more about NW region/branches, inc. constituencies/breakdown


Date of Next Meeting

9th January 2014


Any Other Urgent Business

AH: Deployment of laptops at physical meet - aye.

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