Morgan R Hill

Morgan is a committed community member, helping with kid groups and tech at Christ Church Wharton while being the officer in charge of the junior section in the 1st Midlewich Boys' Brigade. Morgan has lived in Wharton since the age of one giving him a wealth of experience in local issues.

Having struggled personally with anxiety and depression, Morgan understands mental health problems from the inside. Morgan cares about the environment and wishes to switch everything over to renewables and most important to him is the gift of human life, that we should have our basic needs provided for no matter of race religion or legal status.

Morgan believes in human dignity and will take any and all measures to provide it. Morgan is not commited to a single ideology but instead commited to providing people with the dignity and respect we all deserve.

"My name is Morgan. I live in Winsford (Cheshire) and have lived here most of my life.

"I care about young people who can’t get onto the property ladder, because developers are flooding the market with family houses, I believe this needs to be addressed. I will push for a higher standard of housing stock with the best insulation, the best connectivity and access to green spaces. I will oppose new developments that are not primarily catering for first time buyers. I will also seek to close the loops holes in the help to by scheme that allow people already on the housing ladder to upgrade cheaply at the expense of house prices rising and farthing financial inequality. I will attempt to abolish leasehold for new builds and developments.

"I am critical of vanity projects. Infrastructure is important, but it must be provided in a way that is considerate to people and the environment. I will push for local public transport improvements, such as more frequent trains and more comfortable buses. I will also apply pressure for real cycle paths, not just a metre marked at the edge of a road.

"I am for the effective use of tax payers' money to fund: food, housing, healthcare, and education. This means cutting the bureaucracy out of welfare, making it better for the clients and the tax payer, recognising that looking after children is a full time job, and enforcing tax on the rich.

"I want to promote an environmentally friendly agenda, by promoting a patchwork mix of sustainable energy sources, to ensure that we have a future on earth. This means investing in science, technology and the arts to provide the intelligent creative minds we require. I want to create a government that works for you, by being a candidate that represents you and I'll remain always open and welcoming to new opinions."

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