NEC Minutes for 5th March 2015

Thursday, 5 March, 2015 - 21:30
Loz Kaye (LK) - Leader
Ed Geraghty (EG) - Secretary
George Walkden (GW) - Nominations
Sam Clark (SC) - Treasurer
William Sizen Bell (WB) - Campaigns
Andy Halsall (AH) - Candidate
Jim Knott (JK) - Deputy Treasurer

Meeting pushed to 21:30 to accommodate Sheffield branch meeting

Matters Arising

  • JK was to put treasury (how we spend your money) pages back up - TODO
  • LK - Talk to Will about press releases - TODO (need more chat)
  • PC: to put a request in for the accounts to be considered at the Board meeting on Wed 25th Feb - TODO (SC)
  • LK: Send the registered letter & prepare an email informing the decision to the list. DONE
  • SC: To get everyone on VPN + filesharing (and owncloud if people need it) - ON GOING
  • GW: Make sure EC data is on fileserver - DONE WHEN VPN IS DONE


Rules of Procedure

GW has kindly put something together

//ACTION: ALL - Look over

//ACTION: LK - Email board for update on this


Area Updates

Leaders' Office

1) We have launched policy process - which LK has been taking point on but is everyone's responsibility

2) Still trying to pull in volunteers for the aggregation to pull it into a document

LK and WB haven't talked about a design template - we need to produce something to distribute.

//LK & WB to talk about doc template for the manifesto

Chesha has been great, organising stuff in the constituency, blogging and setting up dogging things.

We have a new candidate, to announce tomorrow.



Health and Safety Update


Chris Chesha to sign as he has an office key.


SC: Dealing with someone at HMRC, but are still getting angry letters - will be more forceful next week


SC: Now have a login for PEF and have updated (and sent off confirmation and payment) of changes that we desperately needed - i.e. adding GW

Quarterly Donations

SC: We do have to do this - will be rolling this into day-to-day treasury procedure

Weekly Parliamentary Declarations

SC: We also have to do this, candidates need to be reporting

Fundraising any ideas are welcome. Push the Crowdfunders which are launching.

Bilal defecting from the Greens to us, he is going to set up a fundraising department.

Bilal, SC and LK will be interviewing fundraising managers. We want to push up fundraising levels. Bilal and SC will set up an internship programme to deal jobs with very specific remits.



GW: All paperwork looking good

Candidates please be aware of the paperwork I've sent through - I'll be nagging over the coming weeks

//ACTION: CANDIDATES - Look through paperwork George sent through



Nothing to report - need to talk about volunteers

//LK & EG to talk about volunteers



WB: Pushing fund-raising on site and social media

LK: Looking at some more design ideas and there will be some more artwork out soon


Policy 2015

New policy process kicked off

Will be rolling Policy Beta into the mix shortly



Have Andy Halsall as candidate for Sheffield Central - woo!

This brings us to 5 candidates - good level in terms of Treasury!

LK: We need to agree a cutoff point (in the next couple of weeks) for new candidates

//ACTION: LK - Focus on finding people



  • ALL - Look over
  • LK - Email board for update on CoP
  • LK & WB - to talk about doc template for the manifesto
  • CANDIDATES - Look through paperwork George sent through
  • LK - Focus on finding candidates before the cutoff


Date of Next Meeting

8:30 - Wednesday 18th March 2015


Any Other Urgent Business


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