NEC Minutes for 2nd April 2015

Thursday, 2 April, 2015 - 20:30
Loz Kaye (LK) - Leader
Sam Clark (SC) - Treasurer
Ed Geraghty (EG) - Secretary
George Walkden (GW) - Nominations
Not Present: 
William Sizen Bell (WB) - Campaigns

Matters Arising

  • CANDIDATES - Look through paperwork George sent through - DONE
  • LK - Focus on finding candidates before the cutoff - ONGOING, weekend is real cut-off
  • SC - get everyone on VPN + filesharing (and owncloud if people need it) - ongoing
  • GW - finalise CoP - DONE
  • LK & WB - to talk about doc template for the manifesto (low priority) - ONGOING, with help from Peter Brett (Board)
  • JK - circulate accounts to Board - DONE
  • SC and Bilal - set rate for execs - DONE
  • GW - to get in touch with LK, SC and CC about locally pre-final-checking forms -DONE
  • LK - check in with AH and SO about Policy 2015 - DONE
  • LK - to follow up with DE about candidacy - DONE


Area Updates

Leaders' Office

Most will go into later points

Continuing both press and debates - lots of activity including high profile debates last week with Lucy Powell, which got press coverage

Big focus has been pushing through Election things

Been liasing with the candidates, helping them through the process



We need money - fundraising will be big over the next few weeks, we need to push and chip in.  Bilal are going to start - sponsoring the village flag, launch party.  We need to come up with a framework within which the fundraisers can come, in conjunction with the board.

//ACTION SC&JK to work on fundraising framework

Deposits are all in

Co-op account still needs work.  Going to meet the bank to talk about overdrafts.

LK: are we using the same platform?

SC: I prefer pozible, they're an Australian company, but they take bitcoin which crowdfunder doesn't.  The one issue is they have to approve everything which goes through.






Nothing much to report - just been helping with technical bits for policy (as well as working on it)

LK: need to just catch up on volunteer incoming, if there have been any volunteers from contested areas to pass on

SC: Volunteers in Birmingham?

EG: I'll look





Policy 2015

A huge amount of work has been going on - since we clsed policy process - a lot of submissions, it was never going to e easy but some great ideas.

There's been a tremendous amount of work, EG, SO, AR, PB, distilling it into votable form.

I trust PB to have made the decisions they needed to.

There were some issues yesterday with the webform, soled now

Run through, 5 day turnaround voting period to turn it into an actual manifesto - which will allay the concerns of people; we couldn't send out masses of text but here we can bring it back in.  We can prepare in the meantime, and just delete the bits which don't get voted in.

It's very tight but it's doable and I'm pleased with the good stuff it will give us to run on.

Looking to launch the finished manifesto on 13th April - we've still got more than a month on this, the timing of that is absolutely right.

EG: SO is basically happy for it to launch as soon as he gets the nod - has emailed earlier in the day.

LK: Indeed, seen it.  I'll approve.

//ACTION:LK to approve opening of policy vote


Election 2015

Big focus is noms period opened yesterday, so we're well ahead on getting paperwork in. 

Slight issue that Cris needs to run as "Cris" rather than "Cristian" Chesha, but in hand.

Other big job is leaflets - well in hand in design, still two to finalise.  SC has been liasing with printers, LK with Royal mail who have been approving the designs.  Still well on schedule.  SC agrees.

Individual candidates are starting to plan events, there will be a screening of CitizenFour in Manchester Gorton, we'll be having a Manchester branch meet on Tuesday 7th to finalise campaign plans.  Quick candidate meet on Mumble on Tuesday, too - everything's on target and working well.

Next thing will be pulling more people into the physical campaign.

We also know how to support candidates, which is encouraging.

SC: just pushing forward with things, nothing much else to add

LK: We've been answering hundreds of emails, pooling resources - it's very time consuming, maybe some content writing could be helpful.  From the 9th onwards, I suspect there will be more, more varied emails.  Its been to our advantage that we've been doing it well - we can't drop the ball.

SC: One thought I had was a separate email address for internal dealings and [email protected] as external, things are getting lost.

EG: we have other domains, we can probably give you something else but you'll have to talk with Steve Wilson



SC: Board need to approve the accounts, then we can close off last year's accounts and start on this financial year's budget.  We want to be realistic but strict so we can go to the fundraisers and say "We need £X if we want to do this properly"


Date of Next Meeting

EG: When are we meeting?

SC: We did say weekly...

EG: Weekly and later...

LK: Is 10pm OK?

EG: As long as we keep it short...

SC: It'll force us to.

EG: That's not a bad thing.


Any Other Urgent Business

EG: Another tagadab invoice still outstanding

SC: I'll get JK to look into it

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