NEC Minutes for 21st January 2016

Thursday, 21 January, 2016 - 20:30
David Elston (DE) - Deputy Leader
George Walkden (GW) - Nominating Officer
Will Tovey (WT) - Chair of the Board
Harley Faggetter (HF) - Govenor of the Board
Stephen Ogden (SO) - Govenor of the Board
Not Present: 
Sam Clark (SC) - Treasurer
Rebecca Rae (RR) - Campaign's Manager
Mark Chapman (MC) - Deputy Nominating Officer
Steve Wilson (SW) - Head of IT
Jack Allnutt (JA) - Deputy Campaign's Manager

==Agenda items==

===Financial Access===
DE - Loz's letter has been sent to DE from GW. DE has spoken to HSBC and obtained the Mandate form. DE has sent RR a duplicate of the form to fill out the signatory part and return to DE in the post with a wet signature so DE can take all form pieces and the Loz letter to the bank. This will, when completed, allow us to change the names on the party bank account.
SW/IT resetting treasury mailbox password as pathway to paypal access.
SW suggests that someone from the Board ought to have access; general agreement. WT offers to do this.

===PO Box Access===
DE - We do not seem to have access to the account. DE has spoken to Royal Mail on the phone, we need an Account Number and a Business Address. Neither are known, only other advice was to write in, which DE did 19th Jan.

Suggestion to change the registered address to that of a Party officer pending access to the PO Box.

===EC Satisfaction===

Paperwork will be sent between WT, HF, SO, JA and GW for signing. If necessary then also sent to DE before being sent into the EC.

===Board Minutes===Looking at the Minutes from the last Board meeting, Andrew Robinson (AR) has a persisting permission issue. DE has provided him with the Editor role as of 15/01/2016 and notified AR so this should be resolved. AR is currently attending a busy work period so will retrospectively log Board minutes after that.

===NEC handover===

DE - Skeleton pirate crew operating until more NEC/volunteers available. Requested basic instructions from George on how to run elections on the website, the process itself has already been documented. GW has provided this just prior to the meeting.

Access to the bank account, etc., necessary for WT and anyone else helping with annual party accounts, which is the major task on the financial side.

//ACTION ALL - try and think up / scare up volunteers for posts.
DE - A lot of progress has been made here with 4 new volunteers - but new posts still need to be described and new volunteers sourced

===Leader's Office===
Will Tovey attended the debate in Dublin on the 5th. It went around social media.
Membership is at a record high. 766 is the minimum offical figure but with the membership database issues an exact figure will take some time working out.

====Last Period====

//ACTION: CC - to upload templates to media cache - carried over
//ACTION: DE - to get in touch with media contacts passed on by Loz and do proactive introductions. This is a task transferred to DE from CC. One list was given to CC in confidence. Not accessible to anyone else. General contacts have been passed to the Campaign's Team and added to the press hit list. Dropping parts that have not been done in this action as they are no longer possible.
//ACTION: DE - Talk to SW about setting up a wiki - transferred to DE from CC. Adrian Short and others can do this, keep SW for other tasks. Need to discuss on using a new wiki or repurposing an old wiki is the right method. Legacy gets spammed so something to consider. Legacy is currently in read-only mode.
//ACTION: ALL - dependent on above: remaining tasks to be divided between NEC members - to be revisited when new NEC in post - NOT PRIORITY
//ACTION: DE to write up stuff on Welsh Spokesperson for Volunteer page. (Carried Over due to workload)

//ACTION: DE - Chase Data Protection forms with remaining Governors. Believe to be awaiting forms from:
Jack Allnutt
Trevor Johnson
Harley Faggetter
Andrew Norton
Note: Jack seems to have submitted the form but DE cannot find a record of it.

====Fortnight Ahead====

//ACTION: DE - Talk to AS about setting up a wiki
//ACTION: DE to write up stuff on Welsh Spokesperson for Volunteer page
//ACTION: DE to chase Data Protection forms with remaining Governors
//ACTION: DE to speak with CC and find out what "upload templates to media cache" is
//ACTION: DE find out out Data Protection register situation
//ACTION: DE will re-send out Data Protection forms for them to be returned

====Last Period====
//ACTION: SC to order T-shirts. DE - Talk with Cris & Bex on order demand
//ACTION: SC to set up and distribute TINC (VPN??) info to Pirates so we can network together and share content for vlogs, etc. (URGENT) - VLOGS NOT PRIORITY
//ACTION: SC to share boilerplate video content so RR and CC can use it for vlogs (dependent on above - NFS) - VLOGS NOT PRIORITY
//ACTION: SC and RR to look at "vacancies" web site pages and see if they can add  some stuff about interns and make it more prominent - NOT PRIORITY
//ACTION: DE to remove Deputy Treasurer from web pages above - DONE
//ACTION: SC to formally ask AF to be Deputy Treasurer via email - NO LONGER RELEVANT
//ACTION: SC to look at getting self-hosted solution for crowdfunding - team up with RR (medium term) - NO LONGER PRACTICAL
//ACTION: Fundraising meeting with SC, RR and Bilal (medium term) (SO thinks Bilal's email *might* be [email protected])
//ACTION: SC to meet CC to finalize bank paperwork - Passed to DE, dealing with RR
//ACTION: SC to PayPal SW some money - Refund when access granted
//ACTION: SC to co-ordinate sending round of PEF paperwork - NO LONGER RELEVANT
//ACTION: SC to provide AF read only access to paypal - DONE
//ACTION: SC to organise doodle meeting thing for fundraising brainstorm session with many pirates. - THIS SOUNDS VAGUE AND PROBABLY ISN'T GOING TO HAPPEN
//ACTION (TOP PRIORITY): to sort DDs.  SC to contact Harley. CC to contact Pete. Dropped. Limits our payments and we do not have the time to implement this. Get paypal fixed and have someone monitor the broken accounts. - DE and SW to discuss technical aspects of this after the meeting
//ACTION: SC to look at Tagadab Invoice - DONE

====Fortnight Ahead====

//ACTION: DE to find out order volume for t-shirts etc from crowdfunder
//ACTION: Crowdfunder needs to be processed. Money is in, we need to send out the rewards.
//ACTION: DE/RR - Bank access paperwork
//ACTION: DE/SW - Speak with SW and Board regarding access to Sam's old e-mails
//ACTION: DE/SW - Discuss technical options around PayPal access


====Last Period====

//ACTION GW: Set up election for NEC - done, set up and scheduled ready to go from 31st / midnight DONE
//ACTION GW: Chase the Board about election monitors - we have Andrew Norton has agreed, we are hoping Phil Cooke will also step up. Failing that, we may be able to ask Mancs - e.g. Wendy. - DONE but in future the Board will have to do this, GW cannot take on their tasks any longer
//ACTION: GW - Send email to members to communicate  that theres an election ahead. DONE
//ACTION: GW to chase Phil Cooke - DONE but no reply

===Fortnight Ahead===

//ACTION: Board - Source election monitor
//ACTION: GW - Election monitors will need access to IT backend to view counts, etc.
//ACTION: GW - All nominees will need to have rights revoked. DE will be locked out of Admin but will retain Editor permissions. Admin/Editor has been given to other parties so cover is available. DE - Provide admin to GW.

Prior to meeting NEC approved David Elston to present himself for co-option onto St Athan (Barry - South Wales) Community Council due to a vacancy
During meeting NEC approved George Walkden to stand in the Higher Blackley (Manchester) Local Council By-Election

===Fortnight Ahead====

The next external elections we need to worry about are the May local elections & associated.

//ACTION: GW Continue to run internal election process


====Last Period====

//ACTION: DE - record a segment about something he fancies chatting about. "Dave's top tips" (Carried over)
//ACTION: DE - website navigation update, on going but lots of duplicated content has been removed from the main navigation. Pages still remain so anything useful but not needed for the public will be moved to the wiki. MC dealing with Nominations area. RR & MC have been provided with admin for this.
//ACTION: ALL Define roles - needs to happen within campaigns, too. Carried over.
//ACTION: RR: Get a design volunteer/sound editing volunteer/web content person volunteer - long term. DE - This has all been posted on the website now.
//ACTION: RR to liaise with Bilal about fundraising.
//ACTION: SW/CC to pull together an OwnCloud calendar - NOT A PRIORITY
//ACTION: DE to find out who is currently on the press list, as a precursor to adding more people to it - DONE
//ACTION: RR to complete and distribute a marketing strategy - CARRIED OVER

====Fortnight Ahead====

//ACTION: DE - record a segment about something he fancies chatting about. "Dave's top tips" (Carried over)
//ACTION: DE/MC/RR - website navigation update - Work still on-going but a lot of progress made.
//ACTION: ALL Define roles - needs to happen within campaigns, too.
//ACTION: RR: Get a design volunteer/ sound editing volunteer/ web content person volunteer - long term - on-going
//ACTION: RR - complete and distribute a marketing strategy
//ACTION: RR to liaise with Bilal about fundraising.

==Date of Next Meeting==

Thursday 4th February - 8:30pm

==Any Other Urgent Business==


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