NEC minutes for 1st May 2014

Thursday, 1 May, 2014 - 20:30
Loz Kaye (LK) - Leader
Andy Halsall (AH) - Campaigns
Sam Clark (SK) - Treasurer
Sephy Hallow (SH) - Deputy Leader
Ed Geraghty (EG) - Secretary (arrived 20:40)
Jason Winstanley (JW) - Nominations
Liam Dolman (LD) - Board
Andrew Norton (AN) - Board / Press
Mark Chapman (MC) - London Local Candidate (Lennon on Mumble)
Thomas Gaul (TG) - PPI/PPDE
Stephen Ogden (SO) - Board
William Tovey (WT) - Board (arrived 8:38)

Matters Arising

  • JW to liaise with NEC Officers to approve previous minutes (Not Done)
  • NEC To mail back approval immediately after meet.


Previous Minutes

Not approved (see above)


Leader's Office

Brief update (max. 5 minutes) on actions/tasks since last meeting

LK has nothing that doesn't also relate specifically to the European Elections, given that has taken up most of his time in the last week or so.

SH has a piece out in Sex and Censorship and has been to the bank wrt ID - but doesn't have any - will sort that in the next couple of days.



Brief update (max. 5 minutes) on actions/tasks since last meeting

SC reported that the accounts went out in time to the EC and have received both postal and PDF - there was a correction that he is passing back to the EC.

EG has sent his ID and SC is returning that now.

SH is the last person left and she is sorting her stuff out.

//ACTION SC to set up the Treasury pages on NWP with the accounts.

LK gave an overview of the accounts - it was a quieter year, the party didn't do as much as it had done to solicit donations and took a bit of a dent because of elections (AH would have added and IT). But much of the spending was focused on campaigning which is the right thing (55%+ on campaigning and getting the word out).  LK further mentioned that the lessons from 2013 had already been addressed and highlighted the issue of losing a treasurer.

LK thanked SC for putting the accounts together and reiterated that the party is learning from its errors.

SC made clear that the first Q of this year is going well again.  Q1 income was higher in donation terms than last year.

SC pointed out that cash reserves are low due to expenditure - especially election leaflets.

SO queried the London Leaflets - MC stated they were due tomorrow.

SC reported that his next thing was working with incorporation with the board, working on membership and moving away from PayPal.

LD asked whether there was an alternative selected to replace PayPal.

SC explained the alternatives he had been looking at (many and varied).

SC also explained that Direct Debit payments were now being dealt with and that he would be working with AH to get this on NWP



Brief update (max. 5 minutes) on actions/tasks since last meeting

*NWP is doing what we hoped - volunteers coming in regularly; campaigns will have seen incoming - slight issues feeding people back into the right places given we're in the middle of elections.

Volunteers for EG, SC and potentially JW

We need to get induction plans soon - so they are not dropped, need to be able to pick up on incoming volunteers.  Response/hit rate is higher than it had been

Very little on content written, AH asks the NEC to pass content - massive amounts of inbound, which increases donation/membership rate

Couple of media requests not related to election (LondonLive TV and ORG) - Mark Chapman seems to be happy to do it, but may have to go to someone else (Time dependent...)

English-Language Spanish Radio, Thursday 1600 CEST - first drop to spokepeople

One additional candidate come in, "If you'd like to stand" is written and due to go live on the site, Tue-Weds latest


Press briefing between UK-DE, AN has been gathering press contacts, trying to get coordination working.  PPI banking has the appearance of progress.

Newark: By-election, tentative discussion about standing - my opinion is if someone comes in and wants to stand OK, we cannot support a parachuted campaign easily. - There may be a cash issue (SC) to run a campaign - next few days, if at all.

LK says latest it can be is first week of June - he cannot support campaigning during June due to personal reasons (Writ has moved - 5th of June) - incredibly unlikely to do anything than waste an amount of money - SC says we probably don't have the money to waste.

SO asks threshold for EU deposit - confirmed 2.5%

LK says it cannot be a priority to work on that - probably a no for financial and time reasons.



Brief update (max. 5 minutes) on actions/tasks since last meeting

Nothing much to report, moving on as before, need to catch up with JW about polls, catch up with London, and get back to people



Brief update (max. 5 minutes) on actions/tasks since last meeting

Postponed due to apology from JW



EU 2014

LK: Pozible launched a week ago, we're nearly half way which is pretty good
LK asks people to make personal contacts about this campaign - LK says he has done ~50 personal appeals, plans to do ~1000 personal over the campaign but needs people to support.

SC says we need to hit £150-£200 a day to reach the target.  We get more if we raise over the target, but none if we don't hit it.

LK says it'll take work to get there, but we have the right platform.

EU leaflets exist - liaising with royal mail for 400k leaflets delivery. Liverpool, Manchester and Warrington from the middle of next week.  Slightly delayed from intended for postal votes, but pretty much simultaneous.

On the ground campaigning (SC, Jack and Maria helping with press call from BBC and Westminster politics correspondent) - AH has been launching imagery.

Pozible/EU videos launched - 3 more coming, started using images today which will continue - 7 discrete poster types, to increase by the end of this campaign - 30 template posters, 6 template leaflets plus video. Will be packaged in a way we (and other parties) can use them in future.

Need to work with candidates on slogans - lots of inbound in the past week from media/people which is going well, but needs more volunteers.

Need to be as active with as many as possible.  If you have any ideas, get in touch.  The more support, the more we can do, the better it will be.  AH pleased with how we're doing compared with how late we kicked in - it's different to locals different to usual elections, but it's going well.

LK states he can see it's going well, we're going with two prongs - core issues (surveillance/net neutrality) and the identified theme that there is an attempt to squeeze out the vote (e.g. the Greens to keep out Nick Griffin - which may have been relevant in 2009....) our response is "anyone can win", "very few are voting...", use the images to come back - we have graphics that we can use.  We mustn't be allowed to be squeezed out.

This is an opportunity to let people know who we are, this is working fairly well already.


Meet up in Manchester on Sunday, some interest coming back - some help to get material out as of tomorrow(?)

LK is a bit behind to get volunteers as they've been working on logistics for EUs.

Strategy is to get as much out within the next six days as possible (postal votes 7/8th May) - as per Ancoats report; we did well in terms of coverage, but we were too late in terms of talking to postal voters.  LK has knocked on most of the doors of postal voters in two of the polling districts in the past week - everyone within the two Ancoats polling districts will have had a copy of the flag.

AH is happy with how it's going in London- it was short notice and under-resourced, but seems to be going well.  Hustings 13th, Brixton Post 10th May - MC plans to be at the count, should schedule a meet a few days before to chat about stuff. MC is also getting a number of inbound contacts from the London Cycling Campaign, which will use going forward.

Just being at the count is good, get as many there as possible.

Talk about numbers able to go to the physical count after the meeting.



//ACTION: JW to liaise with NEC Officers to approve previous minutes (Not Done)

//ACTION: LK to speak with MC and to get to London ASAP

//ACTION: AH to raise LK's profile through campaigns


Date of Next Meeting

8th May 2014

Any Other Urgent Business

LK gives his thanks to SO given a bit of tweaking to social media policy to make sure images were working well - discussed some actions we want to take to ramp things up even further

LK thanks AH and SC for their specific support, notes that its been hard, but that we need to get through this without "killing each other" because people are saying they'll vote for us, which is always nice to hear and exactly what we're working for

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