NEC minutes for 19th February 2015

Thursday, 19 February, 2015 - 20:30
Loz Kaye (LK) - Leader
Ed Geraghty (EG) - Secretary
George Walkden (GW) - Nominations
Sam Clark (SC) - Treasurer
William Sizen Bell (WB) - Campaigns
Phil Cooke (PC) - Board
Jim Knott (JK) - Deputy Treasurer

Matters Arising

  • JK was to put treasury (how we spend your money) pages back up - TODO
  • SC was to talk with SW after fibre regarding backups etc - TODO
  • SC To ring AH (Laptop for GW) - DONE
  • ALL - firm up C timetable over next 2 weeks - DONE
  • LK - Write thing about conference in The Mill (carried forward) - DONE
  • LK - Talk to Will about press releases - ONGOING
  • GW - Chase Vauxhall for data - DONE


Area Updates

Leaders' Office

LK: Getting ready for conference

Lots of press/media

Having a debate at peoples history museum and a young people in politics conference

LK: Has been talking to the national football museum regarding an event

LK: Sending lots of emails (a lot on HMRC tax)

SC: Me too, literally hundreds

LK: Mancunian matters have done forward press for conf

Looking forward

Kicking off GE2015 campaign this weekend

Developing candidate pool, really want 10-15 candidates

GW: Wants to check who/what is candidates

  • Loz - MCR Central
  • Sam - Salford and Eccles
  • Mark - Vauxhall
  • Andy - Sheffield
  • Chris - Other MCR candidate (to be confirmed)

AP: LK/GW/WB/SC - Firm up leaflet timetable (with responsibilities)

PC: Will talk to Loz over weekend



SC and JK (mostly JK) have been preparing the accounts in time for conf

We will have a full set of accounts by the conf, these will be mailed to the board after conf and have to be submitted by 30th April 2015 - so for the first time we have handed in a set of accounts early! (as long as the board approve it quickly)

Will be mailed to the Board as soon as possible - potential for them to be approved at next Wednesday's meeting.

Health and Safety Update



SC: Dealing with - we have a fine which I am contesting ATM

Some savings on VAT


SC: Now have a login, got the paperwork sorted, going to send off when I get Ed's scribble

SC: Will have another check before we go into the 'short campaign'

Quarterly Donations

SC: We don't have to report, because we are under the threshold

Weekly Parliamentary Declarations

SC: In the short campaign, we have to report weekly spending reviews from each candidate. Make sure receipts are collected.

LK: We're starting individual fundraising



GW: Sitting on a lot of data; to be VPNed after the unconference



Nothing to report.






Going ahead as planned - almost

Should be able to get some really useful work done - lots of us in the same space, able to make connections and make thing happen.

Sat will be thinking about what we want to do, Sun will be a day to get stuff done including a Manchester branch meeting.



Recommendation from the board, we've already had a full party vote on this, LK's concern is that we don't want to dwell or trouble the membership again in the run up to GE2015. Biggest problem is PPI is thieving our time.

To paraphrase: it's time to bin it.

PC: That's my thought, and I know others who put it in even less polite terms.

LK: My only concern is whether we have to go back to the party.  If the board's feeling that isn't necessary (since we done what we were asked to do and more) AND its become incompatible with our core values, this would be the moment to take on the Board's recommendation. I'd personally say I don't want to waste any more time on this and I'm concerned that it's politically a potential liability. I've had complaints about some behaviour; I'd say it's time to say so long and thanks for all the fish.

EG: I have had concerns for a long time; the sooner we can cut them loose, the better

LK: No-one has done more than EG to work sensibly and constructively to deal with it. That wasn't in vain, dropping PPI won't stop the work we have to do. I'd like to say thanks for putting up with so much nonsense. This is why it's so difficult for people coming in, we're so much better than that.

SC: WB has asked about it, he just doesn't understand any of it at all.

PC: I can't understand it and I've been dealing with them for 5 years with PPUK!

LK: We have already prepared a short and to the point letter, the text is prepared - shall we send that?


EG: Like to look it over, but yes...

GW: Aye

SC: Aye

LK: Aye

Motion carries

SC: Andy and I had a good lunch meeting with an Australian Pirate - we can still do good international relations without PPI

LK: Not interested in the archaeology of blame

PC: can I check it at least gives the reasoning for why it's no longer compatible?

LK: I'll circulate it.  All we need to do is inform them of our decision by letter, we should send an email too.

PC: I just don't want it to look like we're throwing our toys out of the pram and following PPAU

EG: the board decision was pre-PPAU's decision

LK: already told Thomas Gaul this was being discussed today, we won't look like we're throwing the toys out of the pram

EG: just before we move on, I'm just pleased that the doc I wrote two+ years ago had it nailed to this day

LK: I'm genuinely sad that this is how it's turned out, there are a lot of great people we've worked with, but it's about underlining that PPI is not the movement.

EG: I'd like to think that the work I did with international things, we have enough good relations with people that we don't need PPI.

//ACTION: Send the registered letter & prepare an email informing the decision to the list.

EG: I'm disappointed with the way some of the discussions on the lists been conducted by other parties, we need to make sure we're better than that.

LK: I agree about the way the debate was conducted



LK: Enquiries in, intention is to launch the new process - it will happen on Sat - we will make sure we can update it in time for the beginning of GE short campaign.  Most manifestos are launched 1st April.

EG: Also had enquiries an people saying they didn't want to send it on because it mentions it's the 2012 manifesto - should I change references to "2012" to "current" instead?

LK: Aye

GW: Aye

SC: Aye

//ACTION: EG to replace "2012" with "current" in the manifesto, pending full policy process



SC: This year, we want to record and have as a nominal donation the volunteer time at campaigns - people just need to put in the central calendar when they've done work.

I don't there's any harm in us doing that, and actually then we have a record of what people are donating, what we'd have to pay if it wasn't volunteered.

GW: The EC seem to specifically state to not do this

SC: Sorry, I didn't mean it as recorded on the return - more when someone designs a leaflet, it didn't just appear out of nowhere and if someone was doing a twitter campaign, we'd put it down or me putting down the time it takes to produce videos.  I think they only suggest that because it'll push over the spending limits and we can always take it off.

LK: we just need to be sure about the guidelines as they're a bit fuzzy.  We were specifically told to account for video for the Euros, for instance.  What we need to make the case for is what kind of solid admin is necessary

PC: if you're assigning an hourly wage, could you assign living wage?

SC: Indeed; things like video production we do at the going rate rather than minimum wage anyway, but yes.

LK: Indeed, we need an idea of what we'd need to do this well.



PC: to put a request in for the accounts to be considered at the Board meeting on Wed 25th Feb

LK: Send the registered letter & prepare an email informing the PPI decision to the list.

SC: To get everyone on VPN + filesharing (and owncloud if people need it)

GW: Make sure EC data is on fileserver

EG: change references from "2012" to "current" in the manifesto


Date of Next Meeting

Thursday - 5th March 2015


Any Other Urgent Business

EG: Mark has asked for comment for the ORG stuff

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