NEC Minutes for 18th February 2016

Thursday, 18 February, 2016 - 20:30
David A Elston, Will Tovey
Mark Chapman, Stephen Ogden, Harley Faggetter
Not Present: 
Rebecca Rae, Jack Allnutt, George Walkden

Agenda for 18th Feb 2016
This meeting took place in the NEC channel on mumble ( at 20:30.


==Required to Attend==

David Elston (DE) - Deputy LeaderRebecca Rae (RR) - Campaigns Officer George Walkden (GW) - Nominations Officer
Harley Faggetter (HF) - Board Appointed Temporary Nominations Officer (?? If GW hasn't technically resigned is this still valid ??)Will Tovey (WT) - Board Appointed Temporary Finance OfficerStephen Ogden (SO) - Board Appointed Temporary Leader


Jack Allnutt (JA), Mark Chapman (MC)


==Agenda items==
===Board  Minutes/Actions===

DE - NEC Code of Practice update is now live regarding Deputy Leader and Voting Rights.DE - has access to Sam's mailbox. Nothing immediately useful in there but still looking.SO - has sourced election monitor for DE's Deputy Leader election (Danfox)

//ACTION: Board - large proportion of Board minutes not uploaded to website (8 months). DE has chased but no reply.

//ACTION: Board - RR has stood down but unlikely to get anything formal sent in. Can Board tend to this.

//ACTION: Board - SC has left but not stood down. Can board tend to this.

//ACTION: Board - NEC is soon to be 1 person. DE requests Board to reconsider if 12:1 is an appropriate Board:NEC ratio. Board members to again consider acting as a Deputy if not running for NEC position.

//ACTION: Board - Financial Oversight Committee needs to ensure if Treasurer vanishes we have handover.

===Leader's Office===

Press Releases/Leader's updates gone out on recent events as usual. i.e. Geo-blocking release.

====Last Period====

//ACTION: DE - Spoke to many involved in the wiki. HF to be involved in the upkeep of wiki. Likely to be a github wiki based on feedback from IT. IT MUST be kept in the loop and granted the maximum permission for any platforms we use (total admin to be given to SW).
//ACTION: DE to write up stuff on Welsh Spokesperson for Volunteer page - Carried over
//ACTION: DE to speak with CC and find out what "upload templates to media cache" is. Seems to be to do with video/picture stuff from the party Server - kept with Sam.
We are currently not on the Data Protection Register at ICO. As our membership has lapsed we can simply re-register but they do not accept PayPal so this is pending bank access. Website:
====Fortnight Ahead====

//ACTION: DE - Continue set-up of github wiki and ensure IT get correct permissions and are kept in the loop

//ACTION: DE to write up stuff on Welsh Spokesperson for Volunteer page - Carried over

//ACTION: DE Re-Register PPUK with ICO

DE - Awaiting forms from WT only. RR is officially resigning from the NEC so cannot get bank forms signed by her.
In the mean time a user has had their Standing Order's rejected from our bank account so this is rather urgent.
Paypal is requesting details of our business, private, public, etc... nothing fits "political party".
£5.00 was paid to BO Box in order to test the service. It works. Items can be forwarded if needed but scanned copies are uploaded for our download. PO Box is registered to SO's address and his details have been verified, save a telephone number.
We can now use the PO Box (details on website) for corrospondence.
SO's address currently on:-PayPal-Crowdfunder-EC-UKPOSTBOX-Spreadshirt-Zazzle (part)
Gradual change to PO BOX to take place.
Once Bank account access has been gained, WT would like volunteers to help with the EC and any other returns.
DE to be Chairperson on the Mandate forms and TW to be Secretary. DE is Leader of the party per the NEC Code of Practice and WT is Chairperson of the Board.

====Last Period====

//ACTION: To order T-shirts & process Crowdfunder rewards. DE - Order demand on crowdfunder website
//ACTION: DE/WT - Bank access paperwork - DE awaiting forms from WT

//ACTION: Pay back expenses: SW said he will wait for bank access, so this is now Pending Bank Access. Need to know who else is owed money.

====Fortnight Ahead====

//ACTION: WT - Deliver banking forms to DE so DE can set up bank access.

//ACTION: - Repay expenses//ACTION: - Complete Crowdfunder pledges

//ACTION: - Update External providers listed above.

//ACTION: - Tell Paypal what kind of business we are.


The next external elections we need to worry about are the May local elections & associated.

====Last Period====

Board - Sourced election monitor

GW - Election monitors will need access to IT backend to view counts, etc. DE - Does Danfox have this? Unknown - carried over

All nominees had rights revoked. DE will be locked out of Admin but will retain Editor permissions. Admin/Editor has been  given to other parties so cover is available.

===Fortnight Ahead=== 
//ACTION: GW Continue to run internal election process

//ACTION: GW - Provide danfox permissions

===Campaigns=======Last Period====
Moved from Nominations:
Prior to last meeting NEC approved David Elston to present himself for co-option onto St Athan (Barry - South Wales) Community Council due to a vacancy. Now with Campaigns as nominations phase complete:
Co-option decision due 1st March, less than 2 weeks. Started a Neighbourhood watch in St Athan, have 43 people interested already.
Election day for George!
//ACTION: DE - record a segment about something he fancies chatting about. "Dave's top tips" (Carried over)

//ACTION: Get a design volunteer/sound editing volunteer/web content person  volunteer - long term. DE - This has all been posted on the website now. (on-going)

//ACTION: to complete and distribute a marketing strategy
====Fortnight Ahead====

//ACTION: DE - record a segment about something he fancies chatting about. "Dave's top tips"

//ACTION: MC - Website navigation, elections area only

//ACTION: Get a  design volunteer/sound editing volunteer/web content person  volunteer - long term. DE - This has all been posted on the website now. (on-going)

//ACTION: To complete and distribute a marketing strategy - RR sent DE a Draft version which is now available in pad and google doc but needs eventual finalising

//ACTION: DE - Report results from St Athan-CC


====Last Period====

EC paperwork currently with Jack. DE has chased on the 27th (Jan), 8th and 17th (Feb).  Confirmed a cover letter will suffice for Sam. Cris & George can sign for their resignations. Paperwork currently with JA.
Pending JA - heard back on the 17th, GW and JA to arrange a date/time. JA will also need signature from Cris.
Need local policies - five suggestions posted on the forum. DE - Suggest we work to a deadline so we're not curating/discussing policy ontop of the election campaign.
DE: Updated ToS to include info from community guidelines
//ACTION: DE - Inform Mods of Community Guidelines (including stuff for moderators).

====Fortnight Ahead====

//ACTION: DE - Need Local policies & banner images for 3 policies.//ACTION: DE - Ask Mods to review previous bans. We have 2 mods, need 1 more.//ACTION: DE -  Mid March will be the deadline for local policy creation & debate.

===IT / Web===

====Last Period====

Removed old accounts from Github.
Previous NEC accounts admin has been revoked and removed from distros.
"Ignore User" plugin has been added to the forum.
Membership database example broken accounts provided to SW. Working on solution. One solution is possible but may need board approval.
Spam comments issue is being discussed under
Policy Beta can be found here but currently requirements means it doesn't work on our servers:

====Fortnight Ahead====

//ACTION: Is erhanoze account needed on Github?//ACTION: Is pcwizz account needed on forum?

//ACTION: RR standing down - there will be website reorganising/access revoking

//ACTION: Phil Cooke has admin on website - still active?

//ACTION: [email protected] to re-direct to DE (unless it has been deactivated)

//ACTION: Turn off Loz's re-direct and close the address

//ACTION: Need a list of who is on each of our distros to make sure it is up to date.


==Date of Next Meeting==

Thursday 3rd March - 8:30pm

==Any Other Urgent Business==

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