NEC minutes for 17th April 2014

Thursday, 17 April, 2014 - 20:30
Loz Kaye (LK) - Leader
Jason Winstanley (JW) - Nominations
Andy Halsall (AH) - Campaigns
Ed Geraghty (EG) - Secretary
Sam Clark (SK) - Treasurer (joined at 2040)
Sephy Hallow (SH) - Deputy Leader
Andrew Norton (AN) - Board/Press
Liam Dolman (LD) - Board

Matters Arising

  • EG to update NEC when that goes out (Ruby programmers) - Done

  • SH and JA to go into a coop branch with 2 forms of ID ASAP - JW: Waiting to receive statement from bank through post, will be done this week

  • JW/TB to pass on TB's account details to AH - Done

  • JW speak to LK to discuss EU Nominations payment - Done (Banker's Draft heading to LK)

  • PB to organise a meeting to drive incorporation forward - Done

  • Board to write a post for NWP on board elections (AN lead) - In progress still

  • LK to scan and send JA nomination to JW - Not necessary as Loz is handling EU Paperwork centrally

  • JW to call Manchester ESU 11th to chase up ERoll request - Done and Delivered to LK


Previous Minutes



Leader's Office

Brief update (max. 5 minutes) on actions/tasks since last meeting

LK: focus on election paperwork prep (to cover later)

Interview with Lancaster



Brief update (max. 5 minutes) on actions/tasks since last meeting

Accounts - running later than planned, a copy for NEC/Board by Wednesday 23rd - a week before they are due

//ACTION LK to prepare introductory statement for accounts by 22nd



Brief update (max. 5 minutes) on actions/tasks since last meeting

PPI & EU work later in the meeting.

Locals - sorted for leaflet/text/content/materials, people are working and it is going well

London has gone well, LK to give the candidate a ring again

Sorting through Campaigns data dump - becoming usable as its been used, looking at around 2 weeks before it becomes useful enough to go public.

Increased number of people on volunteer side - non-tech, all over the UK, trying to get them taken on board

Comms are up, couple of press requests dealt with by statements



Brief update (max. 5 minutes) on actions/tasks since last meeting

I have been focussing mostly on London, including a branch meeting yesterday.

The call-out for Ruby programmers has gone out, and there has been some good responses on it.

I will be working on getting the Terms of Service vote out as discussed last week

I will be concentrating on Locals



Brief update (max. 5 minutes) on actions/tasks since last meeting

BoG - still no candidates, hopefully the post will get some movement.  Rest to be covered later.

AH states that if the board are happy at their current strength and noone is coming forward, it may be good to hold back so we can push out further NWP phases with nothing in the way - AN/JW agree


EU 2014


LK walks through so far:

  • Noms opened 15/04
  • LK acting as agent, given his experience with electoral services and the ground
  • Informal check of paperwork has come back fine
  • Glitches with physical paperwork out of our control, but we have sorted it
  • Confirmed that Maria is OK to stand for us, form has been approved by the Cabinet Office
  • Noms close 24/04
  • Paperwork is in hand

JW only adds that the paperwork will be guaranteed 1pm on Saturday, SC also states Bankers' draft will be, too.

We missed some deadlines at the end of last/beginning of this week, but we are back on track now, as the printer we will be using has much shorter lead times than we were working to

Leaflet has to be pre-approved by royal mail - Tues next week, then it goes into the printer

Video, all the raw footage has been split into four videos, first will be pozible fundraiser - 3 days behind, due to laptops etc, first iteration by tonight to LK

Good imagery and posters, slogans etc we can use on social media for our candidates on a bunch of stuff
LK says we need to think about how to direct going forwards - get through this week, then we have a good idea of how it will go from here

Talked with the candidates in terms of individual messaging, plus what we want to focus on - positives with pirate MEPs, talking about what the election is about, but what our stance is on the EU - opportunity to carve out our slice of the electorate with our issues

AH: Candidates have been signing to to, lobbying & transparency online register

AH has been in contact with the mods on /r/Europe - we should be able to get some good conversation going on reddit, we need more written stuff on site, each have their own issues to work with - admin is almost over, now it's time for visibility.

Need to direct press input to the correct candidate - but notification of candidates won't be released until the 25th or so.

AH has been talking with policy-type websites to make sure we're listed on them - we need to up our tempo, but keep it manageable.

Candidates are good, we should be happy with where we are.


PPI Conference

AH: It happened.  There were issues with timings (as we had discussed) - seemed to go well, Gefion represented us which was good with connectivity issues - our positions was put across as discussed.

Argument that won the day seems to be cutting back the membership fees so they have some money to manage.

First board meeting seems to have gone well - possible we will see some movement.

Reiterated our support to the treasurer, issues with the lay auditor's report - this has been clarified that it was not aimed at EG.  The lay-auditor felt under-informed on the issues as he went into it.

We've had lots of contact from PPI members from our reports.

Gefion states AH's report was accurate, spoke with lay auditor and PPSE representative in the room.

LK says we are broadly where we need to be - we still have concerns, but this is not our main priority with the EUs

AH agrees that local/national is more important right now.

SC has been contacted by Bastian about opening bank account in the UK, sent the paperwork again and SC will open it, but clear that no administrative/accounting will be done by him.



LK: we're not quite where we want to be with numbers of candidates, but better we do what we can, well, than lots, badly.

AH: noticeable that we need to build branches, but we're doing well - London is going well, with support from LK and AH

LK: All Manchester signatures put in as of today, plan is to start working from Saturday once all post has been received.  Hit postal voters within identified districts, by the 1st of May - ongoing case work, fighting the good fight

EG: Happy with candidate, working well - I have been passing back experience from the ground in Manchester, which has been very useful for organising down here

AH: we can now organise locals well through branches - we can replicate this elsewhere

AH: we need a few people to clean electoral roll, AH/JW to work after June to work out how to go forward with this

LK: It may not seem thrilling, but it is important - LK will share back the marking we do on the register, need to get them on the ground to make it "real" - need to work out a standardised way to use the electoral roll and how to pass experience back to branches

AH: we need to clear employer issue earlier; lessons to learn - we will put together a follow-up

LK: 2015 starts the minute we get the results on 25th May.  We need our key candidates in place July/August



//ACTION LK to prepare introductory statement for accounts by 22nd

//ACTION SH and JA to go into a coop branch with 2 forms of ID ASAP

//ACTION Board to write a post for NWP on board elections (AN lead)


Date of Next Meeting

24th April 2014


Any Other Urgent Business

SC tells EG that he also needs to take proof of address to a coop branch

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