NEC Meeting 15 March 2018

Thursday, 15 March, 2018 - 21:30

1 Infroduction/Format
1.1 HF proposed changes to the formate of meetings, with topics being handled departmentally and adopt a "Scrum-like" process (What happened since the last meeting, what will be carried over going forward, any help needed?). WT suggested people put their matters in the document *before* the meeting, reading the meeting notes at the start, meaning the meeting only needs to cover anything people want to talk about/have issues with.

2 Campaigns/Press
2.1 HF has not been able to make much headway on pushing campaigns. The Party should also be gearing up for Local Elections but so far all of our potential candidates have been quiet. HF noted the Party needs a new Press Officer due to there being several current issues the Party should be commenting on but is not. HF aims to write a post about online democratic engagement tools and to start thinking about Local Election leaflet templates.

2.2 WT noted that without a Campaigns Officer in place, all campaign spending (including notional spending) that isn't specifically on one candidate needs to be authorised by the Treasury (Treasurer or Deputy Treasurer). WT requested information on how much Campaigns was planning to spend on upcoming elections.

3 IT
3.1 IT has been hindered by a lack of man power and time to progress major tasks. Spam remains an issue; HF proposed to move back to Google Apps, which will bring it's own anti-spam solution. IT will put a funding proposal through Treasury for approval. The website version upgrade and website design refresh are still in progress. There are plans to reduce a server to save costs and move mail to hosted provider at some point. 

4 Treasury

4.1 WT needed minuted confirmation from the NEC that he was authorised to set up the Business Internet Banking service, and that he will "have access to the accounts online, be able to make payments solely and delegate access to other users." This authorisation was given.

4.2 WT noted that the EC had decided not to impose any sanctions or take any action against him due to the late donations/loans returns from GE2017, but will publish their findings on 17 April in their monthly summary. WT will notify the Board of this, and leave it in their hands if they wish to take any action. Annual accounts are still in progress, due by 30 April. Remaining tasts: sort out depreciation, Bitcoin valuation and the Spreadshirt etc. amounts owed.

5 Nominations
5.1 GK noted that he had received limited feedback from candidates and the campaign felt disjointed. A definitive list of candidates and contact details would be important. There was limited time in which to nominate candidates and design leaflets, with Electoral Registers already available. GK agreed to put the info in announcements and follow up with a membership Email.


Next meeting: 29/03/2018 21:30

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