Minutes of AHM 05/04/2017

Wednesday, 5 April, 2017 - 18:30
JH, SM,DH,,RV, MC (from 8:45pm)

In Attendance:     Board: AF, HF    NEC: MJ, JW, DE, 
Observing: JH, SM,DH,,RV, MC (from 8:45pm)Apologies: MM
Status of Board quorum:  2/7 (not quorate)Status of NEC quorum:  3/4 (quorate)Chair: DE
Minute taker: all
Audio Recording: JWWill be available when Pirate.Cloud is available. I don't have my own web-server to host them on anymore.


Decisions made since last meeting:

  • NEC ratified one candidate verbally in between this and previous meeting, for election in Nottingham.

Actions from previous meetings
WT to e-mail Sam again at some point

  • Laptops, Camera, etc. still need to be pursued
  • WT: Next on the to-do list along with 2016 accounts and admin work

Jack Allnutt

  • DE: Only action remains is EC form particulars
  • DE: EC have responded

Matters Arising
a) Completion of issues with HSBC

  • Block should have been removed
  • WT to visit the bank on Friday to resolve remaining issues
  • Can we access accounts online?
  • WT to visit the bank on Friday to resolve remaining issues
  • WT: One of this week's jobs is to go into HSBC and shout at them some more
  • DE to Email Will for status update
  • Does WT now have enough info for EC accounts?
  • WT: Yes, complete, awaiting confirmation from EC
  • DE: EC have responded
  • Accounts show online as "submitted"

b) Change of Bank

  • DE to investigate NatWest
  • DE: Natwest Charity Bank account option is the best fit
  • DE to speak to will about the oversight, then go to NEC vote.

c) Electoral Commission & Accounts

  • WT: Status of interactions with EC
  • DE: The accounts have been submitted by WT to the EC
  • DE: Any response regarding the accounts?
  • (Action was passed to JW): Update to info held by EC
  • Removal of emblems 450 and 451
  • JW: It costs £25, whether this be updating them with new ones, or just removing. Can we decide if we want this to still occur, knowing this
  • Sounded like agreement to not make any changes at this stage
  • Set correct officers (remove RR and JA, add current ones)
  • Add MJ as "other officer" with the EC - DE: JW can do this once the forms are accepted by the EC - they've been sent by WT
  • Keep SO as an 'officer' with the EC (so he just moves  from Leader to 'Other') to show oversight and continuity? - DE: Done, WT sent forms in
  • DE is working to notify new officers ASAP (DE: Done as much as I could with PEF online, WT has done a bulk of the forms. Once accepted by the EC, JW can do the remainder.
  • DE: All officer changes now made, just the clean up mentioned above required.
  • JW: The EC are investigating removing the additional officers that we have been struggling to remove. If they can't work it out, then how are we meant to?!

e) Local Elections Update

  • Status of candidates and DPA forms?
  • DE: 5/7 have returned DPA forms
  • 2 chased but no response
  • 1 had to cancel candidacy due to job change
  • Outside of this, Mark nudged potential candidates he had kept a record of.
  • 3/4 have handed in nomination forms
  • DE: Dave, Jeb and Des successful, John had trouble with signatures - but only formalised becoming a candidate late into the day before papers were due, so always a bit of a shot in the dark.
  • DE: What this means all in all:
  • For all elections going forward, this will go through the Nominations Office. Having the whole process under one Dept (assuming organisational changes are approved), and assuming next time we don't have EC Registered Officer changes slap bang in the middle of elections period, will mean we can try to keep everything fairly organised.
  • Schedule?
  • DE: There is/was one set out some time ago but due to a number of issues, we've gone quite far over the deadlines we set for ourselves. Fortunately campaign material stock is good and I think we can make this time back so the campaign period itself won't suffer.
  • Personally my own target is to get all 2k national leaflets along with a load of local leaflets and signs out essentially immediately - I'm already driving around with signs in my car windows.
  • JW: If a generic timetable is required, the EC always posts one on their website. A PPUK branded one, with EC and in-house deadlines/goals will be drawn up for future campaigns.
  • Focus for elections and specific vote targets - left to specific branches.

f) Organisational Structure

  • AF: Getting file errors downloading latest ODP (which is on Amazon anyway!!!) 
  • Aye: DE, JW, MJ 
  • Nay:
  • Abstain: 

g) Regional branches

  • Dorset
  • DE: JH and NS. Any progress? 
  • JH: been away with work, have been in contact with Des and will discuss branch meet up when organising leaflets over next couple of days.
  • DE: How can central party provide support?
  • DE: Can the "branch" support DH?
  • Wales
  • DE: Local election activities
  • London:
  • HF: Regular meet ups still occuring
  • Nottingham:
  • JP keen to set up new branch
  • DE: Ideally we want to see how central party can help

h) MJ: Update on IT plan.

  • Tagadab invoice
  • DE: The last invoice was paid, I believe the next one in March is the final one.
  • HF to e-mail Tagadab regarding cancellation
  • Migration to new server
  • Pads are done!  New pads, registrations are on pads.internal.pirateparty.org.uk/mypads) -  will be backing out MyPADS system. 
  • Gitlab is done. Opportunity to discuss internal governance and use Gitlab to propose changes to constitution/CoC
  • Coming Very Soon:
  • Pirate.Cloud (PPUK File Storage for internal usage)
  • DE: Infinitely useful for nominations and leader, candidate forms and _possibly_ roll data can be placed here (JW: However! I would appreciate it if we don't store Electoral Register data in any format online, if possible. This is too risky, in my opinion.) MC: See where JW is coming from, although if it's really secure...? There are more important things to store initially so not urgent to discuss (imvho).
  • JW: Will discuss with the EC how this can work for the future.
  • Internal Password Manager (Paypal etc)
  • DE: In the last meeting it was mentioned we should look towards creating a pre-approved budget with IT and Treasury. This was agreed by HF and MJ. Can we push a pre-approved budgets as a mechanism through the NEC vote, so that later we can effortlessly place the action on IT and Treasury to talk out a budget, after the election and after the IT migration:
  • Aye: DE, JW, MJ
  • Nay:
  • Abstain:

i) Old Crowd Funder:

  • DE: Not sure why but this fell off the agenda at some point:
  • AF: Fell off when we couldn't get at our moeny
  • As I recall the plan it was to contact all funders and ask whether they still want their "rewards" and to process as possible (e.g., dinner with Loz might not be available ;-)
  • DE: To draft a
  • DE: We need to run crowdfunders in the future and especially around elections

x) Activity Report

  • DE: Most of my time has been supporting candidates and getting my own candidacy sorted. We did however manage 2 Press Releases and 1 Leader's Update despite the workload being substantial. General tweeting about election stuff. Posted some leaflets...
  • MC: Supporting Dave in the above and actually having a brief holiday / focusing on personal stuff.
  • JW: Had a crisis. Unless needed, will be mostly in hibernation. 
  • JH been away with work at an event so nothing to report. Although my children are leafleting the teachers/common room!
  • AF: Played with press releases. Supported nominations process
  • HF: Did a bit of screaming at Drupal, but not much else

y) Any Other Business

  • 1) PPI encouraging us to send someone (even an observer) to their annual intospection.
  • DE: I have responded to both their invitation and Thomas Gaul's issues raised with me after consulting the board, NEC and others. It would appear the meeting is virtual (online) unless multiple meetings have become muddled. In any case the message has been sent and they've not said much in return. Consider it sorted for now. I've also been supporting candidates and getting my own nomination papers in as well as my usual community councillor duties.
  • Issue closed


  • 2) A request in Discord for "rules of operation" of All Hands meetings. Who can speak, when, etc. Who can attend?
  • AF has already drafted the following:
  • DE: I've not had time to review with my other duties but the NEC has the power to pass without my vote.
  • AF: I would like us to complete on this this meeting. It is an NEC item
  • AP: Review and agree on process by next meeting (NEC, with DE and MJ leading)


  • DE: There is also a volunteer's welcome template that should be stored in a neighbouring location when moving from old pads to new: https://ppuk.piratenpad.de/791
  • AP: Review and agree on email template by next meeting (NEC)


  • 4) There is a large amount of campaigns and content team work that needs resolving that shows essentially anyone with some time can do something, be it writing, arty stuff, whatever.


  • 5) AF: Unless I missed something,there is nothing in the Consititution or Board CoP about how the Board selects it chair. I'd like to fix that. Rotation is fine, but should have a stated time period and mechanisms for rotation. Election by the Board on a time period would also be fine.
  • AF to take this to Board via email
  • Then notify/discuss on Discord
  • Any thoughts welcomed
  • Some thought that an open election might be "too much" for the members
  • HF: As discussed with AF previously, part of the problem with the current randomly foisting roles on people is that we inadvertently end up giving Chair to someone with a CoI, like myself (being appointed to the NEC)
  • NB No mention of how the Board changes its CoP


  • 6) AF: The Internet Society is looking for people 25 or under who are "using the Internet to make a difference". They are seeking nominations and will profle the top 25 nominees. http://www.internetsociety.org/25th/25-under-25. In my opinion, we have people who are passionate about PPUK and we could make a case for using liquid democracy etc. etc. Might need some careful "fabrication".
  • Zapto has some suggestions
  • AF is willing to help and coordinate - contact him

Admin:Date of next digital meeting: 19th April 2017 at 20.30 on DiscordDate of next physical meeting: Saturday, 7th October 2017 at 11.00 in London
List of renewal dates - copied in from early March meetingPlease list your Abbrev - (name) - Discord nickname so newcomers know who is who.
MJ - (Matt Johnson) Zapto - membership is current, website says expires 23rd April 2017 (3 monthly membership?) - Should be auto.DE- (Councillor David A Elston) ThyPirateDave membership current, expires 12/05/2017HF - (Harley Faggetter) Topperfalkon - membership current, expires 27th May 2017MM - (Michael Moriarty) Duck - membership current 28th May 2017 - autoJH - (Jason Halsey) HeadOpener - Membership Current expires 7th June 2017 - Auto PaymentSO - (Stephen Ogden) Azrael - membership current, expires end Jul 2017 - auto paymentAR - (Andrew Robinson) Andy_R- membership current, expires 29th August 2017 - auto payment taken 22nd July.WT - (Will Tovey) Duke - membership current, expires 26th August 2017LS - (Liam Soutar) membership current, expires 6th September 2017 - auto payment AF - (Adrian Farrel) Old Dog - membership current, expires 5th December 2017NS- (Noah Stride) Strideynet - Membership Expires (2017-02-23 21:45), Should be auto.JW - (Jason Winstanley) Termy - membership current, expires 1 December, 2017 (1 year membership paid for 25 February, 2017. Actual end date now 25 February 2018)MC - (Mark Chapman) Lennon - Membership never expires...MP - (Matt Purser) Song/MattP - Membership ExpiresSM - (Sam Mills) Hench - Membership Expires March 2018DRV - (Ray Oks) I am Votyn - membership expires 02/04/2018 

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