Early March All-Hands Meeting

Wednesday, 8 March, 2017 - 20:30
David A Elston
Will Tovey
Jason Winstanley
Harley Fagetter
Michael Moriarty
Matt Johnson
Adrian Farrel
Not Present: 
Liam Souter
Andrew Robinson
Mark Chapman
Rebecca Sentance
Sam Mills
Jason Halsey
and others

All Hands Meeting 08/03/2017
In Attendance: 

  • Board: HF, MM, WT,
  • Board quorum: 3/7
  • Status of Board quorum: Not Quorum.
  • NEC: DE, JW, WT,
  • NEC quorum: 3/4
  • Status of NEC quorum: Quorum.
  • Observing: SM, JH, RS, MC

Apologies: AF, MJ, NS
Chair: DE
Minute taker: all
Audio recording: JW
Decisions made since last meeting:
Election result:

  • DE: Jason Winstanley has been elected Nominating Officer for PPUK. Congratulations!
  • Update web pages and e-mail alias - JW will chase IT
  • JW: Update website access, especially election platform, and EC notification to be submitted within 14 days n(after previous notification has processed)
  • Ppuk-officers email access added.
  • Name, address and signature of everyone who is changing position is required, WT may already have these for SO and HF.

Constitution ammendment result:

  • Post updated constitution to website
  • JW: Check constitution on website, and make changes as necessary following membership referendum.

DE: NEC Code of Practice objection period has passed, making the changes live - this has been put on to the website.

Actions from previous meetings:

WT to e-mail Sam again at some point

  • Laptops, Camera, etc. still need to be pursued
  • Pending
  • DE: WT has made progress with these on our accounts, showing their value and value deterioration. Based on 1/5th value lost each year, holding zero value at the end of the year 2019. 2.5k assets in 2014, in 2015 another 1k was purchased and £350 sold. 

Wikipedia tweaks after Kev Young

  • Looking for citation of not being affiliated
  • DE: Clerk has responded by post and once the minutes are ratified they should show the correct non-affilated with PPUK wording

Matters Arising
Leader proposal) DE: All-Hands Meetings move to NEC control, as the NEC is now sufficiently populated to once again handle more operational level work.

  • - No objection by those in attendance.

a) Electoral Commission & Accounts

  • WT: Status of accounts now statements available - accounts for 2015 done in draft, will be submitted to the Board/NEC for checking when tidied up.
  • DE/JW: Update to info held by EC (in progress)
  • Removal of emblems 450 and 451 (JW: Will arrange for this to happen when access is granted)
  • Set correct officers (remove RR and JA, add current ones) - pending forms being signed
  • Add MJ as "other officer" with the EC - just need some details
  • Keep SO as an 'officer' with the EC (so he just moves  from Leader to 'Other') - pending forms
  • EC website showing old details with the note "The previously submitted changes to registered details are still being reviewed by the Commission" in PEF
  • HF happy with being an additional officer when ioutgoing from Nomintations

b) Finances
b.1) Completion of issues with HSBC

  • Statements now received via PO Box
  • Has block definitely been removed - WT: it seems so but we need to verify
  • Need to get online access - someone needs to go into HSBC branch
  • Can we put bank details back on the web site for payments (of membership)? - probably one of them, WT to try to do that.

b.2) Change of Bank

  • DE to investigate NatWest - on-going
  • Target to change bank relatively soon

b.3) PayPal Access

  • DE: PayPal required a password change; the "business" aka Treasury account should only be used by Treasury. This may cause some short-term delays in payments being made. I have requested that I be provided access to make payments from my read-only DAVIDELSTON user on the ppuk paypal. I recommend all elected NEC also be given at least read-only access for financial oversight.
  • DE: Suggest also providing read only to members of the Board as part of the financial oversight committee
  • DE: We also need a process whereby PayPal payments need to be signed off by at least 2 elected NEC. I suggest:
  • PayPal payments (above a certain threshold) can be made only if:
  • 1) Treasury approves there is money in the budget
  • 2) Two elected NEC officers approve the payment (one being treasurer?)
  • WT: new users can be given access to make payments, but I need details for money laundering stuff; name, address, DoB, e-mail address

d) Local Elections Update

  • DE: Status of candidates and DPA forms?
  • DE: 3/7 complete, 4 was the target, 7 being best possible scenario. Forwarded latest candidate details to nominations & DPA to secretary
  • DE: Make schedule/timetable of actions
  • JW/All: Push to get as many candidates as possible.  <-- that was me... (Nothing to do with me! :P) I emailed a bunch of people - needs to push that again.

e) Signs and Portents

  • DE: Progress with semi-rigid signs
  • DE: Progress with pins
  • Returns and replacements
  • DE: Progress with flags
  • Payment and postage for those not at meetup?
  • DE: Costs are on the forum
  • DE: Flags to arrive in the next day or so at DE's address
  • MC/DE: Progress with printed material
  • Order in time to avoid election period
  • Once ordered, using DE's address to bring to the brum meet-up - I'm ready to order. Can you send me your address again?
  • WT: make sure details are sent to Treasury for accounting purposes.

f) Regional branches

  • Any news
  • London, Scotland, Wales, Dorset, East Midlands
  • DE: Wales Branch meetings are going ahead, currently 3-5 people attend. Local activity currently with my cllr post and related stuff but this will widen closer to the local elections

g) Update on IT plan.

  • DE: Tagadab invoice raised 6th March, to be paid "in four days" for amount £427.20 [Paid by WT, will reimburse through PayPal]
  • HF: to e-mail Tagadab regarding cancellation
  • Migration to new server
  • Pads
  • DE: Old NEC pads (contents) have been downloaded by MC
  • DE: Old Board pads will need to be downloaded
  • Pad of pads or index
  • Currently anyone can create a pad (which looks like a DoS attack waiting to happen)
  • DE: Doesn't seem to be a way to re-title an existing pad
  • DE: Is there a way to archive pads, locking them from being edited until brought out of archive, 
  • Permissions coming soon TM
  • Gitlab pilot with constitution. Gitlab is done. Contact IT for account
  • Pirate.Cloud (PPUK File Storage for internal usage)
  • Internal Password Manager (Paypal etc)
  • More?
  • ?? IT discussion / comments on Matts WordPress front end & potential for technical integration. - Delayed to next meeting, due to lack of IT staff in attendance.
  • ?? IT discussion / comments on Hench's members db / uni project linkup. 

h) PPUK meetup

  • 25th March meet at Queen Victoria around 11am. 
  • MJ will supply phone number close to time for late comers
  • If you could give JH more details on this location he will add it, also best car parks close etc might be useful? Forum post in writing for this, trains, parking etc. 
  • Action on All: Make noise and get people there
  • Please can everyone mark if they are attending the meet up on the 25th on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/events/1952202505015683/ So that it looks like more than just me going please! As this will inspire others considering going to come if they see larger numbers in attendance
  • DE: Done, also invited others. I've also added this link to the event on the website.

i) DE: Data Controller ICO registration renewall is complete, MJ marked as newData Controller, I've claimed back the expenses, thanks to WT (In short, this is done), Received confirmation by post (they want an email address ideally, rather than sending post).

j) NEC's conclusion on management and moderation of Discord?

DE: Resides under Secretary. General agreement/no objections made - but will confirm with MJ

Activity Report

JH: Social Media daily on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Gaining in followers on all three platforms due to consistency. Just need more material generally and ideas to use to formulate a plan. MJ suggested having a #FF on fridays of notable pirates and accounts we allign with i.e. makevotesmatter etc.If people can put their social media bits they want promoting on this pad here https://pad.internal.pirateparty.org.uk/p/Twitter I can use that as a list when doing it. Likewise if anyone has any particular #tags they want me to use we could build a list etc.. 
DE: Spoke to some press, Penguin books lady and I spoke three times. Also responded to Press in the mailbox. Been prepping for press stuff tomorrow to do with the crowd sourcing in St Athan "community mapping toolkit". Had my community council meeting and meeting with EVRCL. Seems crowd sourcing is catching on in other areas. Solving a lot of local problems.
MC: Ran an internal election.  Budget Press Release. Blog post re Dutch Elections. Couple of quick posters created for Social media distribution.
JW: Contested and campaigned in above internal election, and is now  the elected Party Nominations Officer. 
WT: Rebuilt 2015 accounts!

Any Other Business

Other incompatible organisations for the list? https://pirateparty.org.uk/incompatible-organisations-membership currently someone from far right, left, racist, idiotic, other parties etc can join. Do we need to have some more added to this list? or at least a disclosure policy on other memberships on applicaiton/member renewal etc?
DE: We share policies even with the most far left and far right groups. I worry about alienating people if we seemingly deem their views incompatible - better to allow them to join where we can engage and convince them of better approaches. PPI being incompatible has a history and wasn't a decision taken lightly. I suggest leaving it as it is.
PPI rep has also contacted us regarding us being incompatible with PPI and is questioning how far this applies. DE to respond with the intention and defer them to the Board if they wish to challenge it.
WT: also actually checking this stuff is impractical - membership is automatic, all you need is a PayPal account.
Pad from Autumn re Policy wording https://pad.internal.pirateparty.org.uk/p/Policy_Edits

  • DE: For the policy team until the gitlab system is up and running

Consultation on Official Secrets Act? - MC? - Yeah - need to work on this - and some help might be appreciated... Need a pad really.Also 2nd round of Boundry Consultation-MC? - Not doing anything on this round - it's just comment on others suggestions. Next section is later on this year.

Admin:Date of next meeting: 22nd March 2017 at 20.30 on Discord???

List of renewal dates - copied in from late February meetingPlease list your Abbrev - (name) - Discord nickname so newcomers know who is who.
MJ - (Matt Johnson) Zapto - membership is current, website says expires 23rd April 2017 (3 monthly membership?)DE- (Councillor David A Elston) ThyPirateDave membership current, expires 12/05/2017HF - (Harley Faggetter) Topperfalkon - membership current, expires 27th May 2017MM - (Michael Moriarty) DuckMoriarty - membership current 28th May 2017 - autoJH - (Jason Halsey) HeadOpener - Membership Current expires 7th June 2017 - Auto PaymentSO - (Stephen Ogden) Azrael - membership current, expires end Jul 2017 - auto paymentAR - (Andrew Robinson) Andy_R- membership current, expires 29th August 2017 - auto payment taken 22nd July.WT - (Will Tovey) Duke - membership current, expires 26th August 2017LS - (Liam Soutar) membership current, expires 6th September 2017 - auto payment AF - (Adrian Farrel) Old Dog - membership current, expires 5th December 2017NS- (Noah Stride) Strideynet - Membership Expires (2018-02-23 21:45), Should be auto.JW - (Jason Winstanley) Termy - membership current, expires 1 December, 2017 or 25 February 2018)MC - (Mark Chapman) Lennon - Membership never expires...SM - (Sam Mills) Henchman - TBCRS - (Rebecca Sentance) - TBC

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