Board Minutes for 31st May 2013

Friday, 31 May, 2013 - 20:00
Stephen Ogden (SO) - chairing
Craig Garsed (CG)
Jack Allnutt (JA)
Will Tovey (WT)
Liam Dolman (LD)
Peter Brett (PB)
Andrew Robinson (AR) - arrived part way through BPI/Proxy panel item
Andrew Robinson (AR)
Sam Clark (SC)
Not Present: 
Andrew Norton (AN)
Harley Faggetter (HF)

Status of quorum


Decisions taken since last meeting

Board voted to agree that NEC scheduled election could be brought forward to October-December from February and would count to reset the clock on NEC elections. 8 in favour, 0 against, 0 abstentions, 2 late yes votes.

Actions from the last meeting

  • AP PB: to re-propose Board elections amendment on mailing list. VOTE EXPIRED (Carried Forward) CARRY FORWARD AGAIN DONE
  • AP PB: propose CoP amendment to mailing list about announcing Board meetings to members when date/time finalised (Carried Forward) CARRY FORWARD AGAIN DONE
  • AP HF: to chivvy list to discuss. CARRY FORWARD defunct??
  • AP LD: To propose guidelines on forming and conducting Investigations and Panels as starting point for Board discussion. CARRY FORWARD ETA 1 WEEK <mostly done to be picked up on ML or at next meeting
  • AP SC: Arrange meeting with BPI/Proxy panel to discuss what needs to be done and when we will be sending the report to the board. DONE
  • AP SO: to help HF get this (constitutional amendment process) moving this week defunct
  • AP JA: raise a vote on mailing list re full NEC election being brought forward (gives all govs time to familiarise themselves with constitution before voting) DONE
  • AP SO: doodle next meeting + remember to include at top of next agenda a note for multiple people to record mumble meeting and note who is doing so for the minutes DONE

Constitutional Amendments Update (HF)

Has passed on to member consultation phase. All Govs advised to check them over and keep an eye on them if members comment.

AP SO: fix or ask HF to fix the dead [Link] links in forum threads

!!! was voted to be sent to NEC and wasn't and is important !!!

Plan to deal with this: see how vote on Board elections amendment goes. If it goes well, pass both election-related amendments on to NEC. Try and merge RON (and possibly Board elections) amendments into process before member vote.

AP: HF to figure out when is best to do this merging into process.

AP: PB to deal with vote etc.

AP: Everyone to check for previously approved but accidentally dropped amendments.

Update from BPI/Proxy Panel (SC et al.)

PB has been being distracted by finishing/submitting PhD thesis and has done nothing useful at all.

Meeting was arranged and attended by some, but no progress.

Very important to conclude and deliver report. Timeline of public events more-or-less completed, and requires prefatory statement etc. However, also important to speak to NEC to flesh out timeline of when they made decisions internally (e.g. when they switched stance from "We're not backing down" to "We have to back down". Some frustration because some questions that party members will want to know (e.g. what the legal advice that the NEC received actually was, and whether the NEC still believes that running the proxy was legal) cannot be included.

N.b. membership of panel is PB, WT, AR, SC, PH

LD volunteered to step in and support, and other panel members agreed that would be a good idea.

AP: PB to create Doodle poll for meeting before 7th June to finish initial work

AP: PB to create Doodle poll for meeting before 14th June with NEC to complete report

AP: Panel to deliver report before next Board meeting.


JA: anyone wanting to start a local branch to email campaigns and needs 2-3 other members

AP SO: doodle next meeting

AP all: harass SC at next meeting about his membership expiring relatively soon

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