Board Minutes for 30th April 2013

Tuesday, 30 April, 2013 - 20:00
Stephen Ogden (SO) - chairing
Andrew Norton (AN)
Liam Dolman (LD)
Sam Clark (SC)
Jack Allnutt (JA)
Craig Garsed (CG)
Will Tovey (WT)
Andrew Robinson (AR)
Phil Hunt (PH)
Not Present: 
Peter Brett (PB)
Harley Faggetter (HF)
Leanne Ainsworth (LA)
Phil Cooke (PC)

Status of quorum


Decisions taken since last meeting

Approval of statement to PPI Approval of 2012 Statement of Accounts

Actions from the last meeting:

AP WT: to email secretariat asking if they would like to contact the Electoral Commission on [incorporating the party] or would be happy for WT to do so. Carried Forward as 'general incorporating activity' ONGOING AP: PB to re-propose Board elections amendment on mailing list. VOTE EXPIRED (Carried Forward) CARRY FORWARD AGAIN AP PB: propose CoP amendment to mailing list about announcing Board meetings to members when date/time finalised Carried Forward CARRY FORWARD AGAIN AP SO: (1.1) amend CoP accordingly. DONE AP SO: (1.2) amend CoP accordingly. DONE AP HF: to chivvy list to discuss. CARRY FORWARD AP LD: To propose guidelines on forming and conducting Investigations and Panels as starting point for Board discussion. CARRY FORWARD ETA 1 WEEK AP SC: Inform NEC we endorse this (public expenses) happening. DONE AP SO: (7) amend CoP accordingly. DONE AP SO: doodle for next meeting. DONE

Outline the slight change in treasury processes (AH)


Panel Progress - BPI/Proxy (AR/PB/WT/PH/SC)

Possibly pending some Q's to NEC and production of a report for Board. AP SC: Arrange meeting with panel to discuss what needs to be done and when we will be sending the report to the board.

Constitutional Amendment Process (HF)

AP SO: to help HF get this moving this week

Report from Physical NEC meet (someone who attended)

Minutes coming soon. A lot discussed, inc. departmental budgets for remaining of the year - having this on paper shows quite how much is being spent.

Set out timetable for the rest of the year: getting IT system for membership tweaked, recruiting for leader's office, policy platform, incorporation, voting on PPI membership, EU platform, getting candidates in place, setting up local branches.

New web project - on schedule, feedback given, sounds good so far.

JA actioned to bring 2 things to Board.

(1) PPI list (to be raised in item 5) (2) scheduled re-election of NEC - they want to bring this forward to give more time before next EU elections. intention to hold them Oct->Dec 2013

AP JA: raise a vote on mailing list (gives all govs time to familiarise themselves with constitution before voting)

Progress on 'general incorporating activity' for the Party (WT)

WT sent memo to LA last week in time for physical meet w/ options/advantages/etc LA has sent around NEC and will get back before end of the week This is currently in the hands of the NEC. NEC will keep Board informed.

International (RE:PPI + Splinters) (JA / LD)

LD watched PPI GA in Kazan and observed some splintering activity, one group wanting to have a new GA in 6 weeks time, another group wanting to break from PPI and have a more informal association with other parties.

CoA votes have still not been announced.

JA: NEC plans to put a vote to membership on whether we should be in PPI (June vote 4 weeks, results in July)

PPI Mailing list: quality and quantity leave a lot to be desired. NEC to be taken off PPI-Leaders list. JA volunteered to manually filter useful stuff from PPI-Leaders to NEC.


WT: recording of meetings - should remmeber to do this, more than 1 person, and noting in minutes who has done so

AP SO: doodle next meeting + remember to include at top of next agenda a note for multiple people to record mumble meeting and note who is doing so for the minutes

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