Board Minutes for 29th October 2013

Tuesday, 29 October, 2013 - 20:00
Peter Brett (PB)
Sam Clark (SC)
Andrew Norton (AN)
Jack Allnutt (JA)
Liam Dolman (LD)
Will Tovey (WT)
Harley Faggetter (HF)
Phil Hunt (PH)
Andrew Robinson (AR)
Stephen Ogden (SO)

Status of quorum


Decisions taken since last meeting

Election monitors for upcoming elections: Daniel Hertz, Andrew Norton, Peter Brett (see (4))

Actions from the last meeting

  • AP HF will try to chivvy Constitutional Amendment processes onwards DONE
  • AP SO: raise oversight committees with NEC to get broad agreement between NEC and Board on announcing this at conference. DONE
    • no agreement so not announced at conference.
    • PC suggested he wasn't comfortable with the Board handing-off its oversight responsibilities and remaining at the current size.
    • SO's opinion is that oversight committees are not formally in the Board's remit so this isn't a reduction in workload.
    • If oversight committees are in the Board's remit then surely it is free to organise them however it wishes?
    • PC's response does however re-raise the discomfort there is from outside with the Board being at the size it currently is with the minimal work-load it is perceived to handle.
  • AP: SC - Publish BPI Report NOT DONE
  • AP: If opening of nominations have not started by date of next board meeting (October 29th) then raise it as issue. N/A

Constitutional Amendment Suggestions from NEC (HF ??)


  • AP: JA to put new amendments from NEC onto forums after approval
  • AP: PB to schedule e-mail to board for extra meeting next week
  • AP: All to read over amendments and e-mail thoughts to board list

Corporate identity for the Party (SC)

SC to report on work to register a corporate identity for PPUK

Discussion of preferred format for the corporate board of directors (scope to add to Board remit to re-legitimise the current size?)

  • AP: SC - Send position paper to Board and NEC (in the next 2 weeks) to continue discussions on incorporation

Reports from conference (any/all)

Any reports from conference which may have bearing on Board's work?

  • PB, HF, JA, SC, SO attended
  • HF was tweeting a lot
  • Branches up north are going well, but need more down south

Upcoming Party elections (SO)

3 election monitors found. 1 more than normal as Phil wanted more oversight this time around as it is a full election.

Monitors: DH, AN, PB

SO not doing election monitoring - Phil has asked SO to handle the election process for any position where PC could be regarded as having a conflict of interest (this would currently be for the Secretary position that Leanne is nominated/seconded for ( )

SO has offered some mumble-based training for AN and PB should they need it to get them comfortable with what's required for election monitoring.


  • Nominations Open: 18th October (upon posting)
  • Nominations Close: 8th November (23:59)
  • Campaigning Opens: at close of Nominations
  • Campaigning Closes: 22nd November 23:59
  • Voting Opens: 23rd November (00:00)
  • Voting Closes: 14th December (23:59)

Oversight committees

Postpone to next week's meeting


  • WT: No
  • SC: No
  • JA: New election 5 December in manchester
  • LD: No
  • PH: No
  • AN: Working on a press release
  • PB: No
  • HF: London meeting on the 30th and a Conference on the 31st
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