Board Minutes for 29th June 2013

Saturday, 29 June, 2013 - 20:00
Stephen Ogden (SO) - chairing
Andrew Norton (AN)
Will Tovey (WT)
Jack Allnutt (JA)
Sam Clark (SC)
Harley Faggetter (HF)
Phil Hunt (PH)
Andrew Robinson (AR) - arrived part way through Treasury item
Craig Garsed (CG)
Not Present: 
Peter Brett (PB)
Liam Dolman (LD)
Andy Halsall (AH)



Decisions taken since last meeting

  • Amendment to board election procedure vote

Result: 1/7/0 - REJECT (PB / HF,LD,AR,SC,AN,CG,JA)

Actions from the last meeting

  • LD: To propose guidelines on forming and conducting Investigations and Panels as starting point for Board discussion. to be picked up on ML or at next meeting CARRY FORWARD
  • HF to figure out when is best to do constitutional amendment (RON & Board election) merging into process. DONE
  • PB to deal with vote etc DONE
  • All to check for previously approved but accidentally dropped amendments DONE
  • PB to create Doodle poll for proxy panel meeting before 7th June to finish initial work. DONE
  • PB to create Doodle poll for proxy panel meeting before 14th June with NEC to complete report DONE (but no outcomes from meeting)
  • Proxy panel to deliver report before next Board meeting. CARRY FORWARD
  • SO to doodle next meeting - DONE
  • All to harass SC at next meeting about his membership DONE (PAID ON 29-06-13)

Action points from this meeting

AP: HF Stall pending amendment vote until RON const amendment caught up with.

AP: SO to change meetings to a regular 1st/2nd/3rd whatever day of the month - send to ML to confirm

AP: SO to harass SC in the next week about membership

Proxy panel report - PB, WT, AR, SC, PH, LD

Things are going ahead, another meeting need to be arranged. A plan was formed, stuff was taken to NEC to ask questions. Panel has answers to all questions and just report is pending.

Proposal for a timeline of actions undertaken in the panel so that bottlenecks can be identified and solutions can be devised - AN

Political direction / Where the party is going wrong at the moment - AH

NEC is broadly doing a good job administratively over past 6-12 months. Dealing with other bodies going well (councils, EC, etc.)

Active political work very very low.

Suggestion to co-opt Governors into more administrative work (membership, comms, admin) to free up NEC for greater outward political activity.

Working well with local councils, community groups, international, govnt. departments. A lot of stuff that happens doesn't get fed back well enough to members.

Who is going to say 'membership communications officer' ?

Even with limited time we can get some stuff done. Important to get the right stuff done rather than wasting time on wrong stuff.

Low on people. Need to use the ones we have for what the Party needs.

Get in touch with Andy to offer help.

Treasury Topic - SC

Administrative things needs to work continuously without people thinking about it so others can do forward facing things. NEC asked and SC volunteered to be temporary (deputy) treasurer.

SC - Will become deputy treasurer through October 2013.

Board indicated they are ok to be informed that SC is a deputy, with single signatory status to the accounts. Board permission not required unless/until SC wanted to stand for election as treasurer (and succeeded) and remain a Governor.


WT: asks SC to update pad with new membership expiry date, IPO consulting on changes to copyright - open meetings in a few weeks time, hoping we can get in - who is interested in attending?

AP: SC: to doodle meeting for next BPI panel meeting

HF: holding current amendments until the RON (going to NEC) catches up. When it does will put all back to member consultation.

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