Board Minutes for 26th November 2013

Tuesday, 26 November, 2013 - 20:00
Peter Brett (PB)
Andrew Norton (AN)
Jack Allnutt (JA)
Liam Dolman (LD)
Stephen Ogden (SO)
Sam Clark (SC)
Will Tovey (WT)
Andrew Robinson (AR)
Craig Garsed (CG)
Harley Faggetter (HF)
Not Present: 
Phil Hunt (PH)
Craig Errington (CE)

Status of quorum


Actions from previous meetings

  • AP: SC - Publish BPI Report (carried) NOT DONE AN to take over
  • AP: JA to put new amendments from NEC onto forums after approval DELAYED
  • AP: PB to schedule e-mail to board for extra meeting next week DONE
  • AP: All to read over amendments and e-mail thoughts to board list DONE
  • AP: SC - Send position paper to Board and NEC (in the next 2 weeks) to continue discussions on incorporation -- DELAYED until we know who the new Treasurer is

Decisions made since last meeting

1) Amendment to Section 2 (Aims and Principles)

  • Accept: PB, PH, LD, SO, AR, SC, JA, HF, CG
  • Reject:
  • Abstain:


2) Amendment to Section 4 (Membership)

  • Accept: PB, PH, LD, SO, AR, SC, JA*, HF
  • Reject: CG
  • Abstain:


3) Move new clauses 6.1A to Section 8

  • Accept: PB, PH, LD, SO, AR, SC, JA, HF, CG
  • Reject:
  • Abstain:


4) Move new clause 6.1B to Section 8

  • Accept: PB, PH, LD, SO, AR, SC, JA, HF, CG
  • Reject:
  • Abstain:


5) New Clause 8.3 (Board CoP approval)

  • Accept: PB, PH, LD, SO, AR, SC, JA, HF, CG
  • Reject:
  • Abstain:


6) Remove Clause 8.3 (Board elections)

  • Accept: PB, PH, LD, SO, AR, SC, JA, HF, CG
  • Reject:
  • Abstain:


7) Choice of new Clause 9.9 (Seconding)

  • Option A: PB, SC, JA, CG, AN
  • Option B: PH, LD, SO, HF, WT
  • Neither: AR
  • Abstain:

Failed -- fall back to previously agreed amendment text

Option A accepted following revote - 26/11/13 (see below)

Status of constitutional amendments

Revote on choice of new Clause 9.9

PB Proposed new wording for seconding: (Option A)

  • 9.9 Members may only second one candidate per position. Members may not second any candidates in any election they are contesting.

SO Proposed new wording for seconding: (Option B)

  • 9.9(i) Members may only second one candidate per position.
  • 9.9(ii) Members who are standing for election themselves wanting to second others for that position may only second a number of candidates equal to the number of positions available minus one. 
  • Option A: JA, PB, AN, SC
  • Option B: SO, WT, LD
  • Neither:
  • Abstain:

Proposed schedule for Constutional amendment process

  • Send new wording from this e-mail to the Board for a vote ASAP
  • Send agreed wording to the NEC for discussion ASAP
  • Post new wording on Forums for member discussion; send out member e-mail. Aim for 30 Nov 2013, by 07 Dec 2013 at latest.
  • Make any final changes & initiate vote by 21st Dec 2013.
  • Aim to complete vote by 04 Jan 2014.

AP JA Contact NEC asking about web stuff w.r.t. Constitutional amendments and timing of new platform

AP SO Post new amendments on the forum & draft e-mail -- target this weekend (30 Nov)

Status of NEC Election


  • Nominations Open: 18th October - DONE
  • Nominations Close: 8th November (23:59) - DONE
  • Campaigning Opens: at close of Nominations - DONE
  • Campaigning Closes: 22nd November 23:59 - DONE
  • Voting Opens: 23rd November (00:00) - DONE
  • Voting Closes: 14th December (23:59)

WT: noted he didn't like voting in NEC elections due to the possibility of voting against someone he would later have to work with.

SO: noted the voting system allowed those with access to it (which could include NEC officers) to see how individuals, including Board members, have voted.

SO: notes Board should discuss with Nominating Officer about timely process for deleting historical vote data (John Barron as Nominating Officer did this regularly).

AP LD Prepare terms of reference for panel review of voting system & e-mail Board (DONE)

Concerns: It has been pointed out that since the inception of the initial web platform there has been a persistent presence of historical vote data. Initially, while John Barron was Nominating Officer, it is understood that this data was periodically removed although after the office switched hands this was no longer done in the same manner. Jack Allnutt has also pointed out that after her requested his access removed he was declined due to the difficulty of re-adding him to the system.

LD: I propose the creation of an Investigatory Panel with the following remit

  • To investigate and prepare a report on the historical voting system including the access to historical data and the persistence of historical data. It is important to note that this panel is convened to produce an accurate report of events for informational purposes and is not being convened to take disciplinary action against any individuals as it has already been identified that it will be replaced promptly by the new web platform.

(vote whether to form such a panel will take place via Board ML)

Oversight committees

SO: there is currently only 1 oversight committee which is the Financial Oversight Committee that consists of SO and HF.

SO has read-only access to Party bank accounts (this access is pending for HF). Plan is for a treasury/financial ml that is CCd on all/most spending discussions to keep FOC in the loop.

FOC being on-loan to PPI isn't happening atm.

Better operating procedures for FOC should wait until new Treasurer is in post.

SC: Treasury oversight will be given access to new accounts software to oversee day to day accounts.

NB: SC gave JA a cheque for £12.67 for envelopes

Board has some proposed guidance on oversight committees (ref )

CG - membership expires on 10th December 2013

AP PB to send text message to CG

Absent members of the Board

Possibly Craig Errington? Consensus -- probably fine.

AP PB E-mail web team to see if CE has been in touch

AP SO send CE a text message.

Meeting attendance is still relatively poor.

AP Chair (SO) Remind people to either join the call or send apologies in advance


  • SO: none
  • PB: none
  • WT: none
  • SC: none


  • CEEP - limited feedback received, process has ended. JA will send out final text.

AP ALL Send back thoughts on final text ASAP (by Friday 29-11-2013)

  • 9 days to go until Ancoats & Clayton by-election -- send support / money / visit and help
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