Board Minutes for 25 February 2015

Wednesday, 25 February, 2015 - 20:30
Andrew Norton - Chairing
Andrew Robinson
Will Tovey
Peter Brett
Jack Alnutt
Harley Faggetter
Stephen Ogden
Liam Dolman
Phil Cooke
David Elston

Decisions made since last meeting

A vote was taken on the PPI membership. The proposal

The Board of Governors of the Pirate Party of the UK (PPUK) hereby finds that "Pirate Parties International" (PPI) is by its actions and deeds an organisation that is at odds with the principles of PPUK. 

This passed 8 AYE / 1 NAY / 1 Abstention. Was passed to NEC.

Actions from previous meeting

  • SO: Constitutional Amendments - Membership vote DONE
    PB: 2 issues, members not flagged, and  Slow response from executive
    SO: - flags needs to be settable by a wider group
    PC: NWP auto membership stuff not working as should.
    AR: Some under-reporting, wider problem?PB: how many voted?
    SO: 22 votes
    PB: - possibly upto 1-in-7. point out to NEC
    DE: enq. on commonalities.
    AN: possible request on membership checks

Action Point PC: to get in touch with Treasury and IT on this

Matters Arising

Constitutional Amendments

  • some errors in voting for some members not correctly having their member bit set - unhappy that we have been hit by this problem again
  • results of voting only preliminary - pending possible re-opening of voting for those with errors who weren't fixed before vote closed.
  • Of 3 people had 1 come back so far saying he wasn't able to vote but not to re-open for him as now he doesn't want to (which is a sad thing to read!!)
  • preliminary results are Yes to everything

consequences of results:
i) NEC need a CoP now it should refer to the positions of all NEC members other than Leader & Deputy else those positions are potentially lost?
SO worried about releasing results prior to there being  an NEC CoP in place. Would like Board vote to state that new  Constitution coming into force prior to an NEC CoP being in place does  *not* trigger removal of certain NEC positions as per clause 5.5  "Elected officers' membership of the NEC shall expire if their role is  removed from the Code of Practice of the NEC."
AP: AN give NEC another prod. Board to assume no CoP *yet* is not a removal.
ii) Board needs to empanel a Financial Oversight Committee - may require rules on committees (see suggestions at ). Technically Board already has this committee but we now have to formalise it and really ought to run by some defined rules
Action Point: ALL create pad on it, draw it up, discuss on list over next week or two.SO: TREASURY to include FOC in loop better,
iii) nominations for Deputy Leader must open (immediately?)
What is Board's position on Deputy Leader vacancy? Do Nominations need to open same day that new Constitution comes into force?
PC: suggests 'extraordinary elections' stuff applies. So in next 30 days.AP: AN to contact Nominations to sort it.
iv) NEC must designate a voting NEC member who is responsible to the party for the management of the party's finances
Suggested member mailout:
Action Point:  SO: send member mailing and update Constitution on website

0.2 Missing Minutes
The last set of minutes on the website are from 28th October.
Nov and Jan missing. There was no December meeting. 
Action Point: AN to fix 

1) Consider accounts from NEC/TreasuryPC: 

Board won't delay considering accounts to the next scheduled meeting. Will deal with outside of meetings and/or organsie an extraordinary Board meeting.

2) PPI

Accusations by PPI Board member Gregory Engels that AN lied to board in above vote were ridiculed, and pointed out that vote was based on observations of PPI.
SO suggests that because AN took lead, and party been generally quiet that opinion didn't reflect party, rather than the party just generally fed up of dealing with PPI.
AN mentions PirateInt and 5-eye-patches (5EP) to Board.

Activity Reports

Stephen Ogden

amendments voting, some social media stuff, also having a holiday! 

David Elston

Some meetings with 38degrees campaigners to raise PPUK awareness. Working on campaigning against LGBT discrimination on blood donation. 

Peter Brett

Locally encouraging people to vote.

Jack Allnutt

Been at PPUK unConference. Local branch activity (manchester) and there's another PPC for Manchester Gorton.

Will Tovey

Not much

Phil Cooke

Attended unConference, stopped by the NEC meetings. Discussed with Loz about standing in May, but local (York) activity may not be up to it for Parliament but will look into local election candidacy.

Andrew Robinson

Not much because of work and computer issues.

Liam Dolman

Nothing to report

Harley Faggetter

Not much beyond London branch meetings. 

Andrew Norton

Been working on Net Neutrality stuff in the US, Piece in Techdirt on IPO office exxagerating raids of fake alcohol.

Any Other Business

David Elston

Wales website template isues

Jack Alnutt

policy process is about to kick off.

Andrew Norton

Request to all board members to try and write at least one blog piece for the site over the next month.

Date of Next Meeting

March 25 2015 at 20:30.


  • PC: to get in touch with Treasury and IT on membership voting issue
  • ALL create pad on financial oversight committee, draw it up, discuss on list over next week or two.SO: TREASURY to include FOC in loop better,
  • SO: send member mailing about constitutional amendments and update Constitution on website
  • AN to fix missing minutes
Organisation : 

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